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  • 'URGENT! Breaking Trump News [11AM] 11/18/19 | President Trump Latest News Today NOV 18, 2019

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  • ‘URGENT! Breaking Trump News [11AM] 11/18/19 | President Trump Latest News Today NOV 18, 2019


    David Denison says:

    Pretty soon no one left to blame except Ivanka and Kushner. lol. Dumb ass

    Zombie NurseRN says:

    We have seen that dumptrump worships at the altar of the almighty dollar. He won't let anything or anybody get in the way of any money he can grab ( like the pussies he is so fond of grabbing). The trumptard is a steam roller who will try to crush the truth, bury his many crimes, and give a pair of cement shoes to all those who he thinks don't adore, love, worship, praise him, and all those who refuse to kiss his ass. How can our president be such a douche bag, so disconnected from reality?

    Thomas Dowd says:

    If gets saved by g o p he won't survive blue tide like giant tidy bowl pill gonna wash him n all his trumptard turns with him. There bad day is coming.

    Marilyn Reallon says:

    You know if Trump testifies it will be perfect! I agree it will prove he's a perfect asshole!

    A W says:

    No need to be upset with whom ever Pompeo hires. How about Trump not doing impeachable acts and you won’t have to worry about who gets hired.

    Put the country first Trump or get the Truck out!!!!!! You can’t we know so you have to go, and go sooner rather than later before you damage America anymore than you already have.

    Bye Trump! Get Out!

    Bryan Wilson says:

    NBC ABC CNN FOX CBC – you all know Little Donnie will never testify.
    Why are you even reporting this crap?
    He doesn’t know the difference between true and false.

    Modern Social Media Marketing says:

    Keep him out on the campaign trail and out of the Whitehouse.

    That's not Me says:

    Oh that’s rich written answers by a president that doesn’t know how to spell! I wanna hear the truth out of the orange horses mouth! He can’t handle the truth because it’s not a part of his DNA!

    Dorry Brewin says:


    wetu kabisa says:

    lock the sob up no need to delay the process

    Man Bearpig says:

    Never Trumper is just the new way of saying Hater

    Ochiful says:

    America is broken☹. Trump broke it.

    Todd Adams says:

    No way he testifies…my bet is he would step down first

    Rebecca Sorensen says:

    That will do him in. Yes please testify you lying sack of shit.

    Grin Stylez says:

    Ps. He’s not sick!!! He’s attempting to control the media’s narrative.
    Look at the orange man like a TV PRODUCER he knows how to pull strings. Especially with “reporters” that really doesn’t report. Just comment and ask OTHERS for their opinions.

    Grin Stylez says:

    BERNIE 2020 !!!!

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