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  • 12PM Trump Breaking News 11/8/19 | White House Latest News Friday November 8, 2019

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  • 12PM Trump Breaking News 11/8/19 | White House Latest News Friday November 8, 2019


    Bull Cedar says:

    When His Orangeness finally gets his parade, it will be a chain gang shuffling down the street….

    Herbert Garcia says:

    Only Michael Bloomberg can beat ScumbagTrump

    Felipe Zarour says:

    Boa tarde. O canal foi Hackeado.

    Perdi o controle das postagens. Estou no aguardo de providencias pelo YouTube.

    Herbert Garcia says:

    Vote Bloomberg 2020

    Glenda Lewman says:

    She needs to allow the speakers to finish what they are saying before she states her point of view. Very rude.

    Glenda Lewman says:

    Trump is getting off on all this attention. Instead of cooperating to bring the truth out into the open and silence the inquiry, he creates more drama to keep it going. What sane person encourages the drama while defending their actions? He's loving all this chaos and confusing anyone who isn't him.

    Barbara Freeman says:

    Trump is a traitor and RUSSIAN ASSET, need to be impeached

    luis vargas says:

    Trump campaign promise to build a wall pay by mexico NOT DONE, tariffs a disaster, to repeal Obama care NOT DONE,to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15% NOT DONE. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON
    This president inherit a good economy from Obama and he wants to get credit .

    luis vargas says:

    THE president is liar, con artist, and he always use the same approached when he is braking the law. Bribery and extortion is on his plate, holding $ 391 million in exchange to find dirt on his opponent.

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