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    16 मई बिग ब्रेकिंग न्यूज!ताज़ा खबर,मुख्य सामाचार,today breaking news hindi,IPL, PM Modi,Rahul gandhi

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    • Everest claims three more victims after deadly week - CNN May 25, 2019
      Everest claims three more victims after deadly week  CNN3 more die on Mount Everest as tour organizers pin blame on traffic jam  Fox NewsUtah Man Is Among The Latest To Die Amid Traffic Jam Of Hikers At Mount Everest | TIME  TIMEMount Everest: Why the summit can get so crowded  BBC NewsThree die due to overcrowding on Everest with […]
    • Matt Hancock joins race to be Tory leader - The Times May 25, 2019
      Matt Hancock joins race to be Tory leader  The TimesTory leadership: Rivals clash over support for no-deal Brexit  BBC NewsHealth Secretary Hancock joins race to succeed UK's May  Fox NewsContest to replace May as British prime minister hots up  ReutersRory Stewart says he could not serve under Boris Johnson  Telegraph.co.ukView full coverage on Google News
    • Trump’s ‘Easy’ Trade War Hits Snags as China Plays the Long Game - Bloomberg May 25, 2019
      Trump’s ‘Easy’ Trade War Hits Snags as China Plays the Long Game  BloombergU.S. and China tech have played nice for decades. Now, a fork in the road.  NBC NewsThe Quick Read About… the 5G War Is Upon Us  TIMEHow the U.S. Went Wrong on Huawei  The Wall Street JournalHuawei: Beijing Retaliates, New Cyber Law Could Block U.S. Technology From […]
    • Trump arrives in Japan, kicking off 4-day state visit with trade talks at its center - Fox News May 25, 2019
      Trump arrives in Japan, kicking off 4-day state visit with trade talks at its center  Fox NewsTrump visits Japan -- live updates  CNNTrump visits Japan as first state guest for new emperor | Al Jazeera English  Al Jazeera EnglishFor Trump, a ‘very big event’ in Japan that he struggles to explain  The Washington PostTrump arrives in Japan as a […]
    • Trump says US will send 1500 troops to Middle East amid Iran tensions - Guardian News May 25, 2019
      Trump says US will send 1500 troops to Middle East amid Iran tensions  Guardian NewsUS to send 1,500 extra troops to Middle East amid tensions  BBC NewsTrump approves additional deployment to Mideast to counter Iran  CNNOver 70 retired military leaders sign letter urging Trump against war with Iran | TheHill  The HillTrump says he will send out 1500 troops […]
    • Tehran-backed Islamic Jihad official says Gaza militants won't be drawn into Iran-U.S. conflict - NBC News May 25, 2019
      Tehran-backed Islamic Jihad official says Gaza militants won't be drawn into Iran-U.S. conflict  NBC NewsKushner’s Middle East peace plan is aimed at forcing Palestinians to abandon their rights  ThinkProgressThe Israeli-Palestinian Dispute Is Only Partly About Land  The AtlanticMatthew Brodsky: The Trump administration is creating momentum for Palestinian-Israeli peace  Fox NewsThe world faces many tragedies. The lack of a Palestinian […]
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