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  • 1AM Trump Breaking News 10/28/19 | Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News October 28, 2019

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  • 1AM Trump Breaking News 10/28/19 | Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News October 28, 2019


    Karl Toboll says:

    Omg I really hope we don’t have to see Killary again.And I surely hope another Olooser doesn’t jump in the race,either way Trump will defeat any of them as there all old news and nothing but bad policies and liars cheaters and crooked people.No body on the left can be trusted in office anytime soon.They have a lot clean up to do and getting there shit together before America gives them another chance.They have destroyed every single city in America with there leftist policies and finally the American people see what they have been trying to change this country into over the last 50 years or so.Who in the hell wants higher taxes and more regulation in a free country.We need less of it.I am tired of my hard earned money paying for programs for people who won’t get off there ass and do something about it.I can understand those who are handicap like really handicap or so mentally ill they can’t function in society but for those who can no fucking way should we all have to cover there expenses.Theres plenty of jobs out there right now.Theres so many that the industry in in Cant even get enough man power to complete projects because the youth doesn’t want to work hard.And it’s name your price just to get them.So what’s the problem.Go get a job.Trump 2020

    Phil Neubauer says:

    So is the only thing you do is just repost fox news broadcasts? But with more ads.

    Lori Babich says:

    It sounds like these network owner's are just like Harvey Weinstein!

    Lori Babich says:

    The women could have walked out the door! They wanted to be in his creepy movie.

    Robert Morris says:

    More Bad editing, you'd think if you want subscribers you could at least do a decent job of editing the video. I'm out.

    Lori Babich says:

    Six corporation's own all the media. That's why we have so much fake news or no news.

    concern citizen says:

    Watch who was protecting Harvey Weinstein and you will see who he had damning evidence on. Most of our bought political prostitutes are in his boat to.

    carole Cobb says:

    Corrupt censorship!

    warren oreilly says:

    And his still free to play around with well groomed little girls. If this was anyone else they would be serving 50 years in jail

    king prince says:

    Reperations is the proper thing to do…..if hevetu other group of people harmed on the planet gets or has gotten billions of dollars from the United States why can't the people who are still the worst victims of the biggest kidnapping and human trafficking crime in the history of the world not given their due ….? …..it can't continue to be ignored….. slavery has never ended for blacks in America….to this very day whites still rule over blacks and this is the same thing that happened years ago….whites great great great great grandparents were slave owners and ruthlessly over blacks …..they still rule over blacks and oppress them to this them this very day…. and I dare anyone to use the Obama argument….he has a Homeland he knows exactly who he is he has actual roots in Africa his dad and relatives were born in Kenya he is not the ancestor of slaves….CASE CLOSED….he also gave Kenya 7 billion dollars….a nice kick back for his family …..blacks deserve the right to a extremely large amount of reperations similar to the large payouts to some native American tribes and no restrictions at all should be put on any black person to leave this country to move somewhere where else in the world to invest this money here in the United States and world wide ….black people deserve this freedom…. without it the crime continues without ever being let up at all….

    Malcolm Mills says:

    Let's all hope it was evil Abu Bakr who killed himself and not some look alike flunky strapping on a suicide vest to save his boss. Trump the self appointed devote Christian making the announcement in the usual pathetic childish way that his fans will appreciate. Desperate for a win is putting it mildly. Graham the guy who called Trump unAmerican and the worlds biggest Jackass.

    Nater from decatur shoop says:

    I'm for small government. I think that is a conservative view. Why do my fellow conservatives love police so much. You know, the guys who will take our guns when Democrats rule.

    Jørgen says:

    This is another FAKE news station posting old content as todays news.

    plain sight says:

    Epstein- rosenstein- wienstien weiner anyone seeing the connection we need to stop the Jewish silent take over! wake up Americans !

    Nater from decatur shoop says:

    I am getting alot of commercials for this video.

    Virgil Huston says:

    Biden shine? Here's another crazy thought…. Biden redundancy!

    Robert Conville Jr says:

    Elizabeth Warren is an IDIOT!! And Ilhan Omar is a fraud and a terrorist sympathizer!

    Edward Puddy says:

    Illegal immigrants are already getting free healthcare. And yes you can give Medicare to all. Not all people get sick like your math. Here is how you do it. Lower the cost of drugs. Make people who go to a doctor pay for it themself and their prescription. There are a lot of doctors who charge 40 a visit. Those who dont will lower their price when they stop getting patients. Or make a law and set a lower price for a simple doctor visit so ppl can afford it. Only pay out of the goverment for hospital stays. After you force them to lower their cost. Make getting sick affordable. And the clowns like my ex brother inlaw who runs to the hospital just so he has a place to spend the night. Make that freeloader pay for it.

    Al Banazak says:

    I have 4 kids in my home NBC CBS ABC are banned in my home i don't want my children to be poisoned by the left socialist media as for CNN nobody really care or watches them

    Sikra Sikra says:

    All cnn msnbc abc reporters and ceo's frequented Epstein sex slaves.

    Sunny Smiles says:

    Muslim women are not supposed to be involved with non-Muslim men and they are especially not supposed to be drinking. Ilhan is just a train wreck.

    Classic rock Lover says:

    NBC: Where it's not who you know, it's who you blow

    G Lynn says:

    WHAT NEWS TO TRUST ??? I don't believe none of them ! Even fox news has been acting crazy!! I don't know what news network to even trust ! ???

    CWJoro says:

    Yeah, the so-called journalists of the fake news have their noses so far up the asses of these disgusting people it looks like an Adams Apple! I so enjoy watching them fall!

    Baltazar Felix says:

    Um. This is already few days old. Not sure why they keep posting it as new

    dee jay says:

    Omar needs to go
    She's as scandalous as Hillary Clinton and as a crooked terrorists she's even more dangerous

    Betty Jean Itoka says:

    You have to be Afraid of SLENDER MAN.

    KukuAu Studio says:

    Why are there chunks of this show poorly cut out?

    reginald burks says:

    FOX RT is great they call THE CHOSE ONE : ALL HAIL TRUMP , to get their news 3 or 4 times a day !

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