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  • Breaking News TRUMP 1/14/20
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    We The People says:

    Obama paid Terrorists Regimes Cash to continue their activities in the Middle East,

    horsewoman58 says:

    yes I believe that all witnesses should have been cold in the house and not now in this witch hunt this impeachment must be stopped they are guilty the Democrats for trying to pull this off

    Jesus Almelor says:

    Democrats are doing idiot impeachment.

    Deo Dinanath says:

    Witnesses? Remember that's the swamp. Money can make politicians sell their mothers, much less the outsider Trump.

    Deo Dinanath says:

    And what criminal charge is brought against Pres. Trump?

    Jesus Almelor says:

    Those liar senator,

    Thuy Tran says:

    We hope that ; impeachment Trail is not a Trail ! 2 articles of Congress are not trust !They must qualify their articles ? Senate act by justice & true .Honor of a president is veryimportant ! The United States of America is a richest & strongest Top of the World !

    R John says:

    Will Iran arrests the bastards that shot innocent citizens?

    411American says:

    Te Domestic Enemy is in better shape then they use to be? OMG

    Thuy Tran says:

    DemRats are lying ! The Election is far 11 months ? Why , people guest a hacking from Rusia ? Ukraine ?….v…v…? They are destroying this Country w/o reason ?

    Justin Edwards says:

    They're trying to have a trial over no crime quit wasting time get back to business that helps American people keep America great just say no 2dems Trump 2020 USA#1

    Geri Brandon says:

    What is really the Democrats plan beside getting our President out of Office. It was so necessary to get their meetings done to charge this President with something. Now, what are they really weighting on. I read on You Tube that they are trying to Put Obama in as a Judge. Is that the hold up? I watched their constant mess from Mueller until now. Causting Americans another Million or so im sure. They want to know the reason why This President killed a man who has killed hundreds of our people. That wasnt enough. Why did you have that evil man killed , we want to know now?? Is anyone fed up with this already?

    Thuy Tran says:

    It is very sad and funy ! A impeachment to a perfect , exdellent President of Country ?DemsRats are destroying this Country ! They want China , Iran take-over our Country ?

    Gregory Gomes says:

    Who ever wants to live in this countries with GENERALS! Who are slaughtering innocent children and people should go live there including reporter's….. and ask those leaders how many more are they going to kill for the next day…… if that is what thrills them.

    R John says:

    Democrats are the immanent threat. They are the clear and present danger. Hang the SOB'S.
    Our President is trying to conduct business for America…Democrats are deliberately disrupting his work.
    Vote them out Patriots!
    Hey Russia. You think you're the only country with hypersonic missiles? Lol Think again!
    Hakeem, STFU!
    I bet there is a teen somewhere that can unlock those phones.
    Apple …you know those phones can be unlocked!

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