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  • 4 people killed, 6 wounded in shooting at Fresno party

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  • Tragedy struck Fresno when someone opened fire at a party, killing four people and wounding six. Police have not made any arrests, and do not know what the motive was. Dennis Valera of CBS47 Fresno joins CBSN with the latest on the investigation.

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    hiro cdtcdeubfghetaqmilpyzanrudgwxuvedioljtvbdhr says:

    B loved by war

    Patricia Lucious says:

    If, and I know u did, read my 7 hr ago post, crime is down in all cities due directly to the many Esau ppl who r no longer on this planet. Always blaming blk ppl when in fact it’s actually Esau as always. Wht media is to blame for ALL them lies abt who’s doing what round here.

    Yoshluasnkaujhmoob lostsuas says:

    It's almost 48 HR already but still got nothing about the bad guys. Can't believe this is the USA.

    nina jang says:

    Not lot positive comments only negative blaming and judging instead of praying. I think if the news is something else there should be more positive comments than this news.

    Drunk Juno says:

    Rest in peace Xyy Lee 💔

    206robert206 says:

    If only someone had a gun to shoot the shooters.

    Duck On Qwack says:

    Distractions asf.

    Joel Bondurant says:

    Sounds like the work of a law enforcement professional.

    RebelDuck says:

    Where’s our President? Has he made a comment? Has he shown empathy? Oh wait! This doesn’t concern him or hurt his bottom line. This happened to regular people…sick of this crap!

    E Kop says:


    Crim Sin says:

    1. Either it was drug related and they knew the shooters

    2. The shooters target the wrong house

    Arturo Uruena says:

    Notice the owl chillin on top of the neighbors yard looking at their yard?????

    Michael Schmitt says:

    Thank God this happened in California. If it had happened in a state with looser gun laws, the carnage would have been much, much worse.

    Galvakistan Veteran says:

    gangs, whats new

    TheIxtlan says:

    We need to update Gun Control laws again.

    Elaine Elite says:

    Why are they asking him dumb questions.

    Elaine Elite says:

    Start the whole world over

    Salvador Mendoza says:

    I live in Fresno

    Jackson Matrik says:

    I’m sorry to say,

    I’m not surprised that this happened. It almost feels like an every day thing to happen.

    John Kabigting says:

    I sure hope there aren’t gonna to be a shooting on Christmas day

    Michael says:

    They wont say it so i will, hispanic gang members attacked other hispanic gang members. Most likely 18th st since its Fresno. Yes, they were most likely here illegally with an illegal fire arm.

    MIKE BARAN says:

    Thats A Regular Day Here In Detroit…Nothing To See Here….Scroll Along…

    Gary Norton says:



    She is fine. Too bad she more than likely getting ghetto gagged by neanderthals.

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