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  • 49ers vs Cardinals Week 9 2019 Postgame Fans Gathering

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  • Postgame time! Ninerfam and time to pick apart this game for your immediate emotion loaded opinion

    1. Did the team demonstrate the defensive versatility to deal with the first mobile QB of the year?

    2. Your feelings on this week 9 version Jimmy Garoppolo

    3. Who gets the #Niners game ball on both offense and defense in this week 8?

    We’ll be going over all the aforementioned matters, and everything else on your mind regarding this week 9 game versus the #AzCardinals

    Call into the show, and share your comments and opinion! We’ll be setting up to take calls in about 15 minutes after the game.


    Thuggyfresh says:

    defense needed to blitz more to stop that high tempo offense that the cardinals showed

    lester hodges says:

    Playing against a very mobile Quarterback puts just enough pause in our DLine that it gives there RBS lanes to blast through

    lester hodges says:

    They wanted a game were the team needed to be carried by Jimmy and they got it. Dude was on fire. Those dropped passes tho. 🤬

    R Sb says:

    We only had 2 days off after playing our fucking asses off and DESTROYING! Carolina. I know it's no excuses in this game only wins and losses but still….😕 I heard they used a hurry up offense so we could not substitute players…even if so it's a learning curve for us as well! I am positive our guys will make the proper adjustments to deal with this in the future! Have heart Fam don't loose FAITH! Staley,Mcglinchey,Juice and Spoon coming back SOON! and just in time for these so called harder teams!

    Wtf? You want to know the truth? To be honest with you ALL, I knew would we would improve this year….but honestly I only predicted us at 8 wins for the ENTIRE season! And told my buddies that NEXT year we would be a play off team for sure!What they have accomplished so far, is fucking waaaaaaaay beyond me? So what the fuck we getting all bent out of shape for becuase we had 1 close game so far???Come on Fam get HYPE be in good spirits This team/We need each other and that positive energy right now more the ever! LET'S GOOOOOO! 9ers!!!

    Chris Gonzalez says:

    The excuses will be Kliff Kingsbury give us the game bs smh

    B Mageo says:

    Jimmy Clutch. Folks, every game he plays he gets better. We leave points off every week. Missed pick six, called back touchdown, big drop by Coleman could've been a 80 yd td. We maturing every week. Go niners!

    GEORGE JINDO says:

    I was there at the game. Defense was not the story here but they showed another way they can win on a short week on the road in a "trap" game and Jimmy silenced the haters. We made dumb penalties to extend their drives they scored on and made a bone headed play at the end to even make it a close game. But I WILL SAY THIS. This was another home game man… We started an 8-0 chant that was epic as all hell. I love this team and they will fix their mistakes, like Uncle Sherm said, it was humbling.

    Kenan Hower says:

    lmao andy isabella isn't fast. dude ran a 4.27

    Lazor _US says:

    Good game we should won but our coach call a time out

    Chris Renshaw says:

    Niners !!!!!!!!!

    Matt Moses says:

    Kingsbury stole plays from Shannahan and that hit on kittle was dirty

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