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  • 7AM Trump Breaking News 11/8/19 | Fox & Friends Fox News November 8, 2019

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  • 7AM Trump Breaking News 11/8/19 | Fox & Friends Fox News November 8, 2019


    Jon Esqueda says:

    Stop schooling and c.o.l.l.e.g.i.n.g. students ( people ), and TEACH THEM SOMETHING. THE JOB! Open the F____ door to the job….to the passionate little s__ who wants it bad enough to go be there to learn it. Quit with your elitist, prejudice, gate keeping. Move ! Get the F___ out of the way! All colors of people can learn any job but the ( morons ) those in control of these idiot boxes called " college" are obstructing America. And look at the lousy job " c.o.l.l.e.g.e.d." folks are doing to run America. ( a.s.s. – in – b.u.t.t.) …" oh,.. we corporate." You're a F____job. Spilling over…..

    Tombstone2438 says:

    Fox need a sound engineer to resinc sound with the speakers.

    Patricia ann MCGLAUGHLIN says:


    Jon Esqueda says:

    Janice Dean …you sing p.u r.d.y. lullaby me to nap please.

    Jon Esqueda says:

    I want that tie Pete. Bada.s.s.

    Jon Esqueda says:

    D.u.m.b a.s.s.e.s ! quit trying to size up Trump. He just is. Emotions of W.h.i.n.e. do NOT apply…..strawberry fields forever either. Shut up and …*****VOTE TRUMP 2020!*******.

    Jon Esqueda says:

    You study the subject…for a minute, then you go to work. Test are b.u.l.l s.h.I t. and elitist. You teach the ( job ) not some irrelevant shady b.u.l.l.s.h.I.t. If you like the ( job), you do well…on purpose. If you don't , you f___ it up…..on purpose. Who needs college for that?! Many (") necessary (") courses ( at) college .. are worth s__!. Professors too. Colkege us a dance you do to k.I.s. s. some a.s.s. somewhere …as required. You can just about train anybody for anything …if you want to…if they want it. Otherwise it's a f____ job. it's like dating the popular girl. Then, whoops! you get her pregnant! Then, you hsvecto live with her…yikes! Then you d.u.m.p. her by getting her best friend pregnant. Wait- This isn't going very well…….That's " college!"

    Jon Esqueda says:

    Schiif cheating again. Witness tampering! LOCK HIM UP!


    Keep Bumberg out of Bama!

    mushroomking11 says:

    fuck trump – he's gonna be lookin' good in matching orange…

    vickytjaden says:

    Bloomberg very boring and flat guy, I will never vote for a great grandfather who may die before his first term finish, too old to be President and Campaign just the energy required in not there!!! NOPE !!!!-😝

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