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  • 'Authoritarianism,' 'Cover Up': Trump Slammed For Using DOJ To Protect Convicted Aide | MSNBC

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  • As fallout continues to grow over President Trump’s “cover up” and pressure on the Department of Justice to lower his long time aide Roger Stone’s prison sentence. New York Times’ Michelle Goldberg joins MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the DOJ scandal. Goldberg argues Trump has learned his “lesson” after impeachment, that “Republicans have given him complete impunity” adding “the rule of law is breaking down.” Goldberg cites Benjamin Franklin’s famous defense for a America being a “Republic, if you can keep it” arguing lawmakers in the Trump era “are not keeping it.”(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. http://www.thebeatwithari.com). Aired on 02/12/20.
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    ‘Authoritarianism,’ ‘Cover Up’: Trump Slammed For Using DOJ To Protect Convicted Aide | MSNBC


    BlueHaven says:

    The constitution has not protected us from Trump; DOJ head is working for Trump; but the military is not obligated to obey unlawful orders. Will military leaders fold next, when their pensions are at stake? then turn on the public…Trump wants their loyalty…sure hope he doesn't get it…..it'll be a whole different country….

    Joseph Zapata says:

    What’s the point of Impeachment if this president is still doing what he wants!!

    Happy Cat says:

    All this hate against Trump from the media will just make him more popular.

    Joseph Zapata says:

    I’m not ready for the Democrats to lose another trail against Trump..this whole system is a sham.. Republicans are in power.. Trump is doing crimes, but guess what There’s nothing anybody can do about it and guess what? He might win a re-election because the system is rigged and a BIG JOKE!!

    JOHN DOE says:

    Humpty Dumpty Trumpty is a PIGGY!

    Just Me says:

    Donald trump is taking over America democrats are to slow to stop him or do they really try

    Kathryn Shaw says:

    Isn't it remarkable that Trump can murder innocent little children and disparage combat veterans, and yet, refuses to allow his buddies in crime to be sentenced real prison time. Someone needs to remind Trump that the Judicial is the third co equal branch of government. It's not his toy.

    ponticus euxinus says:

    Lardball Trump is melting

    Rip Toff says:

    blah blah blah
    wah, wah wah
    Wait till the truth comes out about the prosecutors.
    Do you really believe they would quit such prestigious jobs over this bs
    Wake up and small the bacon. Do some real investigative journalism.

    Michael Lopez says:

    Roger Stone puts crosshairs on Judge 🎯, Trump Tweets 🐥, DOJ reduces sentence for convicted criminal 🏛, American law = Banana republic 🌴 DK Country, Donald J Trump = King K. Rool 🐊

    We're Donkey and Diddy 🙈🙊

    We're only fighting for bananas after this point 🍌

    Just happened under your very eyes ‼️

    RyRy says:

    Democrats are finished. Nothing to offer. Nothing to say. Every one of them corrupt to the core.

    Earth Life says:

    When the media addresses him as "The President" this gives him cover,
    his name is Donald Trump! the same con man real estate guy from NY!

    Icare says:

    what Trump is asking is to take Stone into consideration he's a white privileged good o'l boy, while the miscarriage of injustice is already bursting at the seams in your profited prisons

    Education Edge: Finance - Business - Book Channel says:


    Lilly Fitzgerald says:

    Finally people are waking up that this Trump is moving towards Authoritarianism. Trump is weak without people in key positions – like AG – remove them and he is languishing. He is a weak, weak person. A mobster and that doesn't end well. History says so. So, remove key people.

    kenargo says:

    What do you expect; the Republicans all but gave Trump permission to be a dictator. Not much different from other dictators, Russia, North Korea.

    Joshua Kalani Parks says:

    Trump 2020!

    the tater says:

    I can't believe no one has shot trump yet, if ever there was a need for that type of thing.

    Arden McConnell says:

    A.G. Barr, another one of Trump’s eunuchs, still doing his dirty work, Gotta get rid of Trump to get rid of Putin who is in running our country

    Courtney Lynn says:


    nanpopco says:

    Communist Administration and GOP………….Bring in Elizabeth Warren………….The most ANTI CORRUPTION CANDIDATE.

    Tex 123a says:

    Democrats are getting nervous that Barr, will uncover the biggest political scandal in American history. That will lead to corruption, by the previous President and his administration. So they have to get rid of Barr at all costs.

    merle stewart says:

    He publicly threatened the life of a Federal Judge, interfered with and threatened witnesses, and lied to congress. He should be sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

    John woos stranglehold fan says:

    Someone start a whipround to get galactic credits and just hire the Mandalorian to go in and get trump out if he refuses to leave.

    This is MAGA Country says:

    Demorats and fake news always talking crazy.
    It's Trump derangement syndrome. And more deadly than Corona.

    hillbilly beer dranker says:

    Mueller case was closed and Trump exonnerated of all wrong doing, so why is Roger Stone facing prison over this witch hunt? Drop all charges against Stone, immediately.

    Justine Linley says:

    I always knew that the black people were always right. Then, none of this matters whenever the Germans, in American police uniform, go after those who they recall, from their oma's tales, won against them in the civil war. This is fantastic news. Now, just ask your President, because that's what he does, to fix this so it can't have nazis pretending it's a real thing for their Germans to do to others.

    sam getalong says:

    Trumpers defending trumps aquitel in the SENATE does not ever negate the impeachment.

    Even though he was not removed for the charges brought. Once brought and voted on in the House impeachment can never be removed. So there is no such thing as being acquitted in an IMPEACHMENT.

    There is only an aquitel of the removal of the president from office.

    The only way to never be impeached. Is to never be impeached. Like good the presidents.

    Ramesh Lahoti says:

    A question: Can Trump be jailed after his Presidency for avoidance of filing his Tax returns and criminal deeds? Can Stone be jailed for other crimes after he serves the present term, if any?

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