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  • Ayodhya Verdict: We Don't Need A Piece Of Land, Says Owaisi

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    A vocal critic of the ruling party and groups that toe the Hindutva line, Asaduddin Owaisi hit out at the judgement saying, “If the Babri Masjid wasn’t demolished that day, what would the judgement have been today? There has been discrimination against Muslims and no one can deny it. We are fighting for our legal rights,” Rejecting the SC’s decision to allot an alternate land to the Muslim parties, he further said, “The entire nation is marching on the way of being a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. I am only scared that there are many Masjids- where the Sangh Parivar will claim rights

    Ayodhya Verdict Live Updates: Bringing down curtains on the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid issue, one of the longest running title disputes in India, the Supreme Court has given the entire disputed 2.77-acre land to the Hindu parties with a trust to be formed by the Centre within three months to monitor the construction of a Ram Temple. The Sunni Waqf Board will be given 5 acres of alternate land, a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court ruled in the unanimous verdict. The Nirmohi Akhara also suffered a setback with the court saying it is not a ‘shebait’ or devotee of the deity Ram Lalla.

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    Akshay M says:

    Do u HV the guts to call urself a Shia ? Who in other Islamic countries are massicared by sunni's ? But India is the only nation which recognises Muslim as a Muslim and not further divide them and HV given equal rights to them in all respects and aspects of life.

    Rachel Green says:

    we dont want any fight

    Be positive says:

    This channel should be banned .. Just spreads rumours and wrong propagandas .. wasn't it better for them to share the acceptance of verdict by more than 90% of India ..

    Viswanath kp says:

    Owaisi is correct, Mosque should be built out of Muslim people's contribution only. Also that is a Babri structure and not a Mosque and that was built as a proof that baber invaded that place so there is no question of religion here.

    Abdul Althaf says:

    Boycott owaisi..Muslims r happy but owaisi not

    shabaz khan says:

    Kuta Modi, Kuta BJP, Kuta RSS. This verdict shows how much hateness these Hindus have against Muslims. Hinduism teaches Hindus to hate their own people based on caste system and there is no way these people will do justice for muslims because they are taught to discriminate and hate other people. I am so thankful to Allah that I am born as a Muslim and after this verdict my Iman and believe in Allah is stronger than before. Islam is all about equality and justice and that is what prophet Mohammed (SAS) taught muslims. Prophet is known for justice towards non Muslims in Mecca and Madinah how he used to handle disputes . These Hindus Kufar will never understand the justice and equality because their pundits taught them hateness only. My appeal to all my Muslim brothers and sisters please be united and hold on to the teaching of our Quran and Sunnah don't become like those Kufar by reacting to this vedict in the manner these Kufars do. Please stay calm and pray to Allah and Allah will take care of these Kufar because Allah knows their intentions and evil planning. When Allah's punishment comes these Kufar will not be able to run and hide anywhere.

    aribam athoiba says:

    Owaisi the person who was shouting in all debate he will honour the supreme court decision,now he is unsatisfied.

    Gaurav Dey says:

    He needs Hindus to be Under Muslims that's what he wants!

    Urmila kamble says:

    Ye apka personal matter nahi hai bhai ! Jamin , achhi masjid banane ke liye hai aur iske alava muslim samaj ke liye hospital, old age home , orphanage home bhi ban sakta hai ! Ek achha leader apne ego ke liye apne samaj ka loss nahi kar sakta

    Umer Khan says:

    agar verdict Muslims ke favour mai hota tou ye bhai bhai karne wale talwar leke aagaye hote..😂😂😂

    Debjit Mishra says:

    Yeh jhagda rukne wala nahin dikhta…Owaisi dusra jinnah banke khada hoga…hindustan ka history logon tak pahunch ni chahiye….jo sach hai use bebak logo ko bolna padega


    Ye keh raha masjid 500 saal tak thi and all abe sale chutiye 500 saal pehle kya tha
    Dangaa naa failao mc
    Hindu muslim na kro bhosdike
    Insaan bano mc sab baat mai sirf muslim muslim kr raha hai ye mc

    Shreyas R says:

    If 5 acre is not enough for u ppl thn v will give whole Pakistan take away

    Shiv Roy says:

    Mera manna ye h ki ye owaisi halala se pida hua h

    Abhishek Patel says:

    3:47 भाई सहाब, क्यूँ आप मुसलमान और हिन्दू अलग समझ रहे हो। आप ये बात क्युं स्वीकार नही कर सकते कि हम सब भारतवासी है। क्युं अपना झंडा लिए फिरते रहते हो। वैसे आपकी इस भीख मांगने वाली बात पर गौर किया जाए तो , हिंदुस्तान में जितने भी मंदिर है, उसके निर्माण के लिए किसी भी तरह की भीख मांगी नही गयी है। मंदिर या मस्जिद भीख मांगके नही बल्कि अपनी अपनी श्रद्धा से बनता है।

    Mack says:

    iska bhai to 15 min hindu Muslim ka fight krwana chata h,, iska politics yhi h

    Sandeep Chakraborty says:

    oh bhaai rehen de yaar ab mat kr ye hindu muslim…. sala faaltu time nai hai apne paas….

    Manish Arora says:

    Mang bhikh mang… Acha lagega.. jai shree ram

    Red entertainment says:

    Very nice and so much

    Anirbid Roy says:

    Ayodhya toh zhaaki hai, Kashi aur Mathura abhi baaki hai!

    Monoj Bhakat says:

    babar was supreme but hewas not infallible.in fact he he was donkey to have produced coward and looser and begger ancestors like you .

    Junaid Ahmad says:

    Ek akela Insaan Ovesi jo humesha haqq aur sach baat kehta hai.sach baat humeasha kadvi lagti hai.

    Anirbid Roy says:

    Bheek nahi de rahi court tumhe.. magar tum hyderabad mein bheek mangkar woh Kashi aur Mathura waali masjid pehle se kahin aur lagwa do! Toh na zhagda hoga .. aur nahi bheek thukraani padegi tumko!

    Rahul Pandey says:

    Bhai zameen indian muslims ko mil rahi hai… ye kon hai…iska toh kuch lena dena bhi nai hai

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