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  • Bannon Testifies for Prosecution at Roger Stone Trial

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  • Steve Bannon, who served as chief executive of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, told jurors Friday he saw Roger Stone as “an access point” to WikiLeaks, which later released hacked emails damaging to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.
    Bannon appeared as reluctant witness in Stone’s criminal trial in federal court under subpoena and said he otherwise would not have taken the stand.
    Stone, a colorful political operative and Trump ally, is charged with witness tampering and lying to Congress about his attempts to contacts WikiLeaks about damaging material during the 2016 presidential campaign.
    On the witness stand, Bannon said Stone boasted about connections to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, regularly implying he had an inside track on WikiLeaks. He also detailed that there would be information coming from the anti-secrecy organization that he said would be hurting Hilary Clinton and helping the Trump campaign.
    Bannon said the campaign had no official access to WikiLeaks or to Julian Assange. But that Stone would be considered if they needed an access point.
    During his testimony Bannon added that while Stone repeatedly implied that he had a connection with WikiLeaks, he never stated it directly.
    Bannon said he had been interviewed several times by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, which was investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and potential coordination with the Trump campaign. He also appeared before a federal grand jury and testified before Congress about the matters.
    His testimony came after comedian and radio talk show Randy Creidco told jurors that Stone pressured him into backing up lies he told Congress, threatening to take away his dog at one point.
    Randy Credico said Stone pressed him to “go along” with a false account of the operative’s contacts with WikiLeaks during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

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    Just the Facts says:

    It's sad how things have worked out for the Alex Jones crowd, but I warned of this long ago, and all I received was scoffing.

    Warren Holly says:

    They always drag out their 1 black friend when their ass is on fire. He can't even ride in the vehicle. That's a old ass alter boy.

    lorilemonade says:

    Stone doesn't seem as arrogant or cocky as before.
    Gee, I wonder why?

    Nancy Rocks says:

    Roger Stone was railroaded. Our judicial system turned on its head by that bastard. Mueller for a nothing burger investigation started by Hillary Clinton. Who should be the one being prosecuted.

    Anakin s says:

    We killed Kennedy and now Trump. You will obey.

    lil jack russell says:

    But did he tell the TRUTH?!?

    Silly Willy says:

    So here we have nasty drunk Bannon, and pinhead Stone, COLLUDING!!

    Patrick Milewski says:

    Bannon is doing this to save face and to make himself look credible and good in the eyes of the media. Dont fall for it. He is still the vile and disgusting white supremacist alt-right pseudo-nazi he always was.

    Eddieisherenow says:

    The real Mafia wasn't like the movies in fact Roger rabbit is how cartoony real gangsters were . I've come to the conclusion Trump sent the burglars to Rob the Mcalisters in the movie home alone art imitates life and criminals are sloppy and stupid .🤷

    Author Habeeba Pasha says:

    And Im forced to drive to Starbucks and get a grande Mocha latte.

    xXSilentAgent47Xx says:

    Not gonna lie, i thought on thumbnail was Brendan Fraser from far distance.

    hugh jazzsoul says:

    All I remember of the fiendish Roger Stone caper was the middle of the night take down complete with CNN camera crew. No doubt that Roger has that 007 nemesis quality and warranted a 24 member SWAT team to bring him to justice at 3 a.m. After all, Roger's eccentric training through a lifetime of shenanigans made him a formidable threat to somebody, somewhere, even as an old man. CNN dropped the ball. in my opinion, by not offering Steve Bannon an early morning raid to boost his relevance to this skit and show he too is in cahoots with nemesis forces hell bent on defending Trump.

    Gonzo6389 says:


    Isitreall says:

    Bouhhg Z: BREAK WHAT LAWS! From the day Trump was Elected it been HELL! Why because the xxx xxx DEMOCRATS and OTHERS Hindding Out Feel THEY ONLY have a Right to Run Sxxx. When All Hell BREAKS Loose and the "REAL AGENDAS" is Unlashed the U.S A. is going to be Xxxx In Shock!

    Jack Black says:

    Who da fuck is bannon?

    Shane johnson says:

    Jesus Christ’, Samantha bee was right. His head does look like a fucking traffic cone.

    Rick Maldoo says:

    Bloomberg is a funny guy but not my choice for president, we gota great one and his name is Donald J. Trump one of the most successful men in the world.

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