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  • Bhad Bhabie Finally FIGHTS WoahVicky

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    PepperxSalt says:

    Is it illegal to fight a child when you are an adult? I thought so…

    BunBunn the bunny says:

    It’s not immature If someone pulled up just to beat her, lol she’s just defending herself

    TheStredoX Mohsen says:

    But u said she is a 16 yo child… hasnt she been 16 for 3 years now? 😂

    TheStredoX Mohsen says:

    Im just obsessed about the HIT YA-

    Merline Rozier says:

    Why her voice sound like that

    minxzae says:

    danielle always talking shit but every footage we have of her actually fighting she got her ass beat 😭

    [] bear says:

    Finally? Um yall rlly wanted her to fight her thats fucked up

    Lewind Vargas says:

    ( * $ O:) 🙂 (Y) =D XD $ * )

    215 Carebear says:

    Whoa Vicky really can’t speak English 💀

    Wafa Batool says:

    Unpopular opinion : I low key like danielle and think she's a good rapper 💀

    Jaylennet says:

    There’s been a lot that’s gone on this month. I think you’ve just been really occupied with things that you just missed it. It’s ok if you need a break, take your time and do the things you love!💞 love your channel

    Taylor Brooks says:

    Not even a real fight more like a diet fight.

    Spill the tea Sis says:

    I died sorry 🤣

    Lamar Taylor says:

    Danielle lost the fight and then ran to social media to write a book full of excuses about why she got tossed around lol. The girl who got famous for disrespecting her own mom can now add getting beat up by a clown like Whoa Vicki to her resume

    Sa’nyla Boyd says:

    both of them hella immature like instead of talking shit and trying to fight for boast and clout pay your bills or help you mom with bills with all the money you be making from mall these fake assfights

    luxe says:

    woahvicky’s hairline is off to where jojo’s is going

    Kasper Vershon says:

    Vicky ain't even hit her body the heck she still fighting air🤣🤣🤣

    Sophie Penny says:

    tbh none of the lads tried to get Vicky off of danielle but as soon as danielle went for vicky she was held back? i don’t think it was fair so i’m not saying vicky won😌😌

    Makaylaaa TV says:

    Literally neither one of them was doing anything other then pulling each other hair. They both can fight 😂✌️🤷‍♀️

    marla Singer says:

    She got worked

    Hoydogge says:

    It doesn't even look real, Danielle wouldn't have been screaming like that…it seem like she was whispering

    OT TV says:

    Lmao ion care if vicky was 30 lil girl run up, lay her lil ass out, and call her parents afterwards, same thing if a woman think she big shit and punch a man and he lay her ass out, u cant blame him

    Heather Lowry says:

    I didn’t know that there’s a “right way” to fight 😂 um just bc she didn’t let you hit her doesn’t mean she’s fighting wrong

    Ibrahim cissokho says:

    Vicky just killed Daniel 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

    3Young Kill5 says:

    you dont care bout the situation but took time to pull pieces & make a video bout it & post it… oookkk & I hate the fact that you saying woah vicky childish, she clearly was unbothered & was chilling. I guess you the type of person to let anyone run up & start punching you. idgaf if you 16 or 60 Male or female if you put yourself in a situation make sure you be able to handle it! Bhad Bhabie acts as if she's grown & can whoop anything moving… she learned that day!

    Taylor Brown says:

    That bitch Vicky ain't grown if she whooped her so bad then why ain't she pull up like Danielle said to ? Cause she scared n she know she gon get her ass beat that bitch Vicky annoying asf she ain't scarin nobody😂😂😂fuck outta here with that bullshit there ain't nun grown about her Danielle my bitch I got love for her she bout her shit but ion fw Vicky never have never will she scared now she gon think she got hands n can whoop everybody y'all just wait she gon get her ass whooped multiple times 😂

    Jean The gamer says:

    It’s called self defense she had the right to fight her , because Danielle came at her

    Peachy Koko says:

    This is the stupidest thing ever

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