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    BREAKING! 1 Million Without POWER As Tokyo Lashed By Typhoon Faxai!

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    • Israel election results: who won, who didn’t, and what comes next - Vox.com September 18, 2019
      Israel election results: who won, who didn’t, and what comes next  Vox.comIsraeli exit polls showing an extremely tight race  CNNAfter Tight Israeli Election, Netanyahu’s Tenure Appears Perilous  The New York TimesThe End of the Netanyahu Era  The New York TimesDoug Schoen: Netanyahu and Gantz in tight race to lead Israel – Winner must master the art of the deal  Fox […]
    • Trump says he's ordering new sanctions on Iran - CNN September 18, 2019
      Trump says he's ordering new sanctions on Iran  CNNU.S. Satellites Detected Iran Readying Weapons Ahead Of Saudi Strike, Officials Say  NPRTo Find Clues in Saudi Oil Attacks, U.S. Examines Missile and Drone Parts  The New York TimesEditorial: Trump says he's in 'no rush' to respond to the attacks in Saudi Arabia. Let's keep it that way  Los Angeles TimesTrump […]
    • Queen returns lost toy monkey to Australian girl - NBC News September 18, 2019
      Queen returns lost toy monkey to Australian girl  NBC NewsMissing Toy Monkey Found at Buckingham Palace and Returned to Schoolgirl After Letter to Queen  PEOPLE.comLost toy monkey gets VIP treatment from Buckingham Palace staff  CNNView full coverage on Google News
    • Brexit: Talks 'should not be a pretence' warns Barnier - BBC News September 18, 2019
      Brexit: Talks 'should not be a pretence' warns Barnier  BBC NewsJean-Claude Juncker says risk of no-deal Brexit is 'palpable'  Guardian NewsBoris Johnson's suspension of Parliament probed in Supreme Court: Live updates  CNN InternationalIncredible Hulk Johnson is too scared to go to his own press conference  The IndependentGuy Verhofstadt: Boris Johnson should channel Mrs Doubtfire instead of being the angry […]
    • Australian hiker says he crawled ‘inch-by-inch’ to survive after his leg ‘snapped in half’ - Fox News September 18, 2019
      Australian hiker says he crawled ‘inch-by-inch’ to survive after his leg ‘snapped in half’  Fox NewsAustralian hiker rescued after crawling with broken leg for two days  CNNHiker drags himself through rugged Australia woods for 2 days after breaking leg, arm  NBCNews.comHiker crawls through bushland for two days after plunging down waterfall, breaking leg and wrist  PerthNowA hiker’s leg ‘clean […]
    • Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions - Fox News September 18, 2019
      Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions  Fox NewsWhile data from NASA and other top research agencies confirms global temperatures are indeed rising, a newly compiled retrospective indicates the doomsday ...
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    Joshua Martin says:

    Get right with Jesus too late sep get bad

    Joshua Martin says:

    Last days Jesus Christ coming

    Earlene M says:

    wow glad I don't live there

    Celestea Deanes says:

    not natural not normal people of earth unite

    Duby Redburn says:

    Luis, I'm so glad you are feeling better. Allergies can make you really sick. Bless your heart. Prayers for Japan.

    Earlene M says:

    Claritin is for allergies it's at the drugstore

    Earlene M says:

    Los go to the drug store and get you some Claritin

    Earlene M says:

    is that where all that protesting was going on

    Earlene M says:

    Maybe God is angry at the whole world because of all the evil going on

    Rhonda Clark says:

    DoesGod do these hurricanes and tornadoes 🌪. Typhoons or does Satan please ?

    freddie hernandez says:

    That Is Government Made Typhoon and Stop Blaming God For Everything

    Rhonda Clark says:

    I hear China want to bye Bahamas 🇧🇸. This world 🌎 is very bad. Sorry to , Tokyo. Trump army in Bahamas. Giving food supplies for them. They are looting hurricane victims and shooting them. Pray for them, and Louis. Poor people poor kids have no homes 🏠 😰

    A Hobbit says:

    God bless you Lewis

    TruthSeeker-2019 says:

    They already told us they are controlling the weather! It's not a conspiracy anymore we're under attack period! Since your a truther then do the extra research and tell it! Ppl are waking up more than ever ur wrong again 👀 tsk tsk

    Charels Lance says:

    If it doesnt affect the United States then nothing else matters. We are a selfish nation, but God will humble us and hes going to do it right now. And those who are right with the Lord are safe! Let us pray for those who are lost so that they may get to know Jesus Christ.

    Jessyka Loves Jesus Christ says:


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