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  • #BREAKING: IEBC Offically Declares Imran Okoth as Kibra MP.

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    Sospine Murunga says:

    Congratulation Bwana Imran,Kenya needs open speech the way u did while campaigning sio kisheng' . Bawna mashamba lazima ajue Kama haingekuwa Baba hangefika mahali alipo Sasa hivi

    Christopher Boyi says:

    If elections were to be held in such a manner, we shouldn't be witnessing civil strife causing deaths for no apparent reason…

    karim sidi says:

    I as karim Abdul sidi from kibira I say thankyou for every fellow kibira resident for bing so machua for voting very waisly in this poll for me I do say God has given us more blessing to us the kibira resident for bing on baba side every moment of it and olso for mgdonal miriga next time you will have to go to your on home in kakamega to vie there so to fanye kazi pamoja and bing a one family as well

    John Oyugi says:

    Well done Muheshimiwa Imran ,its now your term to wipe all the tears from Babas bedroom


    I like sister muli her principles she should be the incharge of IEBC unlike Chebukati

    George Keymoney says:

    That nigga is not gonna help anyone of you dumbass niggas who voted him in. He's in parliament to misuse and rob your fucking tax money. From today henceforth he shall be riding a dark tinted V8 machine with top notch whores know as slay queens in morden Kenya. I just wonna say Fuckall.

    Charles Mwangi says:

    Congrats Imran God is good, pesa haiwezi nunua Kura

    Doreen Nasike says:

    Congratulations to you brother, Uongozi upo mikono mwa mungu… Without money (`💳ω💳´) and yet you won💃💃💃💃💃👊

    Phoebe Angela says:

    You deserve it mhesh congrats hope your bro is happy wherever he is

    Elizabeth Wambui says:

    We accept the defeat….Na tunasonga mbele na Imran..Asiyekumbali kushindwa si mshindani…. Na ufara ya kurusha Mawe please wana ODM Plz muache…….

    Evalin Munyao says:

    Imran okoth deserved it..congrats Imran…..Ruto n mariga av confirmed things are different on the ground

    Richard Ombwori says:

    I now confirm what Maina Kamanda was saying. At first i thought he was not sincere. But somehow he kept his word from beginning to the end of the Kibra by-election. I will give him that benefit of doubt for now.

    Aggy Cherry says:

    Congrats Imran,now you start another journey of serving the people of Kibra,do your best mhan

    ramadhan olunga says:

    Mariga should learn how to assist /help ppl even without kuambiwa. When he was in Europe, alisaidia nani, na amepigia nani kura? Selfishness will not help you at all my brother. I think you have learned something. Sio kusukumwa tu. Anyway, saidia Watu for your future. CONGRATULATIONS TO IMRAN MAY THE LORD JESUS CHRIST GRANT YOU MANY BLESSINGS IN WHATEVER YOU DO.

    Mavugo Charles says:

    Congratulation ODM. Live from 🇺🇸 pamoja 🇰🇪

    peter omwoyo says:

    congraturation imran

    Nancy Njoki says:

    Our first born handshake son

    Evelyn Nekesa says:

    Kiongozi mzuri utamjua tu.speech na hata kutembea kwake

    Sultandom 19 says:

    Though baba bulldoze bastarD to voters throat And THRONE BUT ON THIS he forwarded to An able leadership

    Brayo Nairo says:

    Congratulations Mhesh. Imran

    Gordon Onuonga says:


    Rebeccah Mudola says:

    Their you have it Mr Bernard Otieno 'Imran' Okoth… congratulations may God guide and protect you.

    Olivia Atieno says:

    Congrats imran, the ball is in your hand now do more than what your bro did. Try uour best and change the kibra all the best and God be with you as you start the new journey and not forgetting to bring everyone on board even your opponents for the better kibra.

    Suleiman Katana says:

    Baba alisema Kiti hakiendi popote kitabaki ODM

    Stephen Keara says:

    that wasnt a landslide. Ruto is still a force not to ignore

    Jerry Okwaro says:

    Now that's a MP's speech…….sindio😁😁

    Hamisi Lazaro says:

    Ruto, lesson yake imemugeukia.

    michael imbiru says:

    Imran Tibim

    printmedia14 says:

    47 goverors five 15% oranges the president keeps 85%….even he stole it…what's ODM celebrating …in presidential system of above ratios…. Parliament is dead… Kenya big tribe taking away Nubian only vote zone …as big tribe get double/triple or even more …political migration is not for a better marriage Kenya

    Feisal Abdullahi says:

    Junet Mohammed won in the fight to 2022 ,congrats Imran from eastleigh

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