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    Breaking “Israel Bombs Baghdad -Iranian Military Weapons Depot”

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    • More Russian Nuclear Monitoring Stations Went Silent Days After Blast, Test-Ban Official Says - The Wall Street Journal August 19, 2019
      More Russian Nuclear Monitoring Stations Went Silent Days After Blast, Test-Ban Official Says  The Wall Street JournalRussia nuclear monitoring sites lost contact after mystery blast: report  Fox NewsPutin, Macron hold French-Russian talks before G-7  Washington PostHoffman and Soames: Stop Putin now, as Churchill would warn, or West will face the consequences  Fox NewsRussia's Putin denies increased radiation levels following […]
    • Jeffrey Epstein was sent three 12-year-old French girls as 'birthday gift' - New York Post August 19, 2019
      Jeffrey Epstein was sent three 12-year-old French girls as 'birthday gift'  New York Post Buckingham Palace responds after video shows Prince Andrew in Epstein mansion  CBS This MorningPrince Andrew 'appalled' by Jeffrey Epstein claims despite video of royal leaving Manhattan mansion in 2010  Fox NewsGhislaine Maxwell gave $1K to hospital that treated alleged sex slave: report  New York Post […]
    • Can U.K.'s New Prime Minister Pull Off Brexit? Here's What To Know - NPR August 19, 2019
      Can U.K.'s New Prime Minister Pull Off Brexit? Here's What To Know  NPRBoris Johnson claims he is 'confident' EU will shift its position on backstop  Guardian NewsBrexit: EU migration rules 'to end straight after no-deal'  BBC NewsThe Guardian view on preventing no deal: do whatever it takes  The GuardianIf Jeremy Corbyn wanted to do ‘everything necessary’ to stop no-deal […]
    • He revealed a lawmaker's affair at his funeral. Now he's set up a hotline to out deadbeat politician dads - CNN August 19, 2019
      He revealed a lawmaker's affair at his funeral. Now he's set up a hotline to out deadbeat politician dads  CNNNairobi, Kenya (CNN) The governor of Nairobi has ignited an explosive debate amongst Kenyans over the issue of children born out of wedlock to powerful ...View full coverage on Google News
    • Russia says 'foreign meddling' to blame for protests - Al Jazeera English August 19, 2019
      Russia says 'foreign meddling' to blame for protests  Al Jazeera EnglishRussian panel eyes alleged foreign interference in protests  Washington PostRussian Lawmakers Look for Foreign Hand Behind Wave of Protests  BloombergRussia says 'foreign meddling' to blame for protests  Aljazeera.comView full coverage on Google News
    • Miftah group that planned Tlaib-Omar Israel trip once referred to suicide bombing as sacrifice 'for the cause' - Fox News August 19, 2019
      Miftah group that planned Tlaib-Omar Israel trip once referred to suicide bombing as sacrifice 'for the cause'  Fox NewsPolitics week in review: Israel's travel ban on "Squad" members; Trump wants to buy Greenland  CBS NewsWorld Jewish Congress condemns Tlaib for suggesting boycott of Bill Maher's show | TheHill  The HillIs Israel a vassal state now?  The Washington PostSnow White […]
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    Janetta Prussia says:

    Perhaps Israel should get rid of the two eye sore mosques, go ahead and build the third temple and eject all Muslims from the Holy Land.

    Pat Geren says:

    How to contain the Aggressive Kenites ? WW 3 ? Jesus ask them how they would escape the damnation of Hell? They are fulfilling prophecy !!!

    Richard Mulkey says:

    stop….this is bullshite

    Beren c says:

    Israel never preempts with out good reason , wise.

    Beren c says:

    Something to watch for development.


    Unfortunately, the last war of the World will come down to who is who's brother

    Gayle q says:

    Awesome amazing times… Praise the Lord God Almighty…HALLALUYAH/

    Jeff Colwell says:

    May GOD be with us all now

    thomas Prior says:

    islam will stand to gether shalom isreal in my prays

    Jeff Colwell says:

    Thank you for posting this info metHOD be with us all now

    tp E C says:

    MARANTHA and the Spirit and The Ruach come our first love YAVASHUA🙏🙏🙏🙏🤦🤦🤦🙍🦅🦅🦅👑👑👑👑

    Ice Dragon says:

    I cannot confirm this. Please post your source.

    Durango95 says:

    Not true Iraqis are sunnis that's actually who controls the government is sunnis he's not Shiites!! In Iraq!!

    robert williams says:

    the 6th trumpet war is coming

    Big Buttons says:

    Paul why don't you practice your dialogue first before coming on line because your studdering all your dialogue sounds so unprofessional

    John John says:

    Are you serious Pastor Begley ? I had a cup of coffee as you recommend but it just made me more nervous and jittery ! Are you serious ? I had to take a Xanax to calm my nerves ! That's OK though. The Xanax should kick in any minute now. Keep up the good work. BTW, I tuned into CNN, but there's no mention of this at all. At least I found out that Kim Kardashian has a new reality show on Oprah Winfrey's network. Thank you CNN.

    paula davis says:

    Our Lord God is in control…fear not.

    YewTube says:

    Why 🇮🇱 stin@ks

    Robert Phillips says:

    Can you imagine just how screwed up this world would be without the jews and Muslims? Peace is not in our future.

    Josephine Mullar says:

    Judgment begins in Israel 1 Peter 4:17; Jeremiah 25:29. Those sighing and groaning over the detestable things happening on the land will be marked for survival Ezekiel 9:4 and Revelation 9:4. Ezekiel 9:9 reads 'The error of the house of Israel and Judah is very, very great, and the land is filled with bloodshed and the city is full of crookedness for they are saying 'Yahuvavhey (GOD) is not seeing… Their way I shall certainly bring upon their own head." so says Yahuvavhey my Elohim. Isaiah 26:21 the land will certainly expose her bloodshed and will no longer cover over her killed ones. All this is prophesy about to be fulfilled. How will the Sovereign God take vengeance on His enemies will it be as in the past by other nations more powerful or by the heavenly army headed by His Anointed King and High Priest Yehoshua named also Emmanuel Matthew 1:22,23?

    Al Dubre says:

    Pastor Begley. It is not them who will get defeated this time again by Israel…it IS Israel's time to be defeated. This season and time according to scripture will begin with Israel's defeat. They will return and build in about 7 years when the Lord comes ON mount Zion and they will build the 3rd temple.
    For a lot more understanding visit Ministry Revealed channel.
    GOD bless us all. Let's get our houses in order!

    Richard says:

    islam=Is Satan's Lairs And Murders This is a fact…it's a child pedophile, woman abusing, murderous blood cult that calls itself a religion…ban islam Now it's devil worship…i@i. Thanks be blood YES-HU-A=YES-YOU-ARE one of his….

    John Arruzza says:

    Gog will invade from the north , the Golan heights.

    Jon M says:

    Many are walking away from God. Even preachers. It's strange. I like you Paul you're from my home state and you have common sense. I read the bible since 9 years old. I dont preach anymore, I lost all my friends years ago because I did. But I have a feeling I need to do it again. I was no preacher, just a man spreading Gods word.
    If they are against Israel they are against God. I stand with Israel and with God.

    John Arruzza says:

    Boot scootin Putin. Natural liar. Born killer , black hat stage coach robber

    Jeff Payne says:

    Bam! Pow!! Whack!!!

    Ron Fry says:

    Hong Kong Phooey

    Glyniss Bolling says:

    Thank-you Pastor Paul! Very much appreciated! Baruch Hashem Adonai💕

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