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  • BREAKING NEWS | Aidonia CRASH In His Car | Dem MASH Up Di Youth Allagedly

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    Terro Don Ent says:

    Listen Terro Don Full Song Here

    Roy Washington says:

    Them a kill off a the artise them

    Ramone Malcolm says:

    Yo a big fuckry the man dem duh cause see PD dem man deh have him money if pussy dem neva beat the man goodly same day the Dj car goodly start fix some man just a big waste man dwaq….the Dj need fi fix up the man dem weh him a Parr wid

    Rod says:

    Could have been little kids in Sonia's car regardless of the time. Hopefully the driver learnt a lesson

    Gray Gray says:

    Stop stop terro terro terro wat really wrong with "U!"????. Smh.

    Gaza Sparta says:

    Dats y me nu left 🔫 gun

    Stef305 says:

    Mash up him bclaate.. coulda kill off di Dj

    alex hanson says:

    A me alone think that vn sound like terro in a different voice?

    Dontay Brownlee says:

    Dunce Head Terro Don . You need fi go back a school

    Damoni Lawson says:

    That's the point of having goons tho.

    Kemar Dun says:

    @terro don ent…..suh is a (X5)dem bruck up the man finger dem fah…..no dwag if it was the X6 mi could a see with him killa cause him just lose the (BENZ) BUT X5 …..CHEAP TRUCK

    John Khaos says:

    Drive like idiot then get beat like idiot…

    Allaine Williams says:

    nuff man a travel with antorage but na travel with jah put jah in front and all shall be we'll straight less problems and trouble


    Y pon the bottom line ting ute.fully


    Him deh hospital fi tru?

    jovan virgo says:

    Pussy coulda kill the dj lucky a broke finger him get

    Ryan Comedy says:

    Review gad back at it again 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 terro don gwaan put in the work mi g a the right thing that ✊💯🙏

    Kelvin Morris says:

    If u say portmore u affi say aidonia and kartel even doh man like madd Cobra and ghost Dem Inna di shadows


    First line bad terro.

    Mr T says:

    Dem boy fi get gun shot fi dat d cars dem insure a vanity dat life more important

    Tajay Greenwood says:

    A lav car dat fam !!!!!!

    taboocash24 says:

    The man get damage in the car crash no one put a hand on him

    malik mills says:

    A fvkry dat

    Papi Don says:

    You sound like squash

    laj t says:

    Him nearly kill di artist fuck him up yes

    Molecular_1 says:


    Weownit Kydd says:

    False news bredd..bomboclawt mon

    G-Scull Anderson says:

    Nth like dat no gawn g man deeven meet inna no accident

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