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  • BREAKING NEWS: Boris Johnson says MPs can 'no longer keep the country hostage'

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  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Jeremy Corbyn has “run away” from the British people for a third time.

    He says voters will find the Labour leader’s behaviour “utterly bemusing”.

    Johnson confirms the government will now bring forward a bill for an election on 12 December, as a means of working round the Fixed-term Parliaments Act.

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    jamietherooster says:

    how can those who vote remain/labour claim to be anti elite/establishment when they support the biggest establishment in existence, the E.U ?

    Twiglet says:

    Cannot wait until the Labour Party is publicly hung, drawn, quartered and consigned to history by the electorate.

    baronsbacon says:

    A shocking example of how to destroy trust by a load of primates incapable of leadership

    Jeff Lowther says:

    These bunch of clowns have had more extensions than Ive decorated

    Rhomulous1978 says:

    I don't really understand the current political row. Why do we need another election????? Is it to get more seats or just a cock fight?

    Josh Costello says:

    I can't wait for civil war

    I'm executing every communist and politician I see.

    Eric Wadman says:

    As a member of the British public, and a tax payer. I say sack the lot of them

    familyfelstjf says:

    They are aware that they will lose and then have no choice in brexit.

    Gary Powell says:

    The Boris premiership, may have appeared to have accomplished little, but it has actually accomplished much. The enemies of the people and British democracy have now been forced to reveal themselves, their hand and intentions. This is a GOOD THING. It is now clear, that Brexit was never going to be allowed to happen, from the second Cameron first proposed the idea of a referendum. Brexiteers completely underestimated the power of the forces ranged against them. This was always going to be a long battle, and this only part of an even longer war, to regain British Independence. This is a war of attrition. Will the people of the UK, Europe and the World, get the establishments message and go quietly back into their cages, or come back fighting even more determined to win, whatever it may take, and for however long? Trust in our own parliament may have reached a 350 year low, but it can hardly be said that trust in The EU, is any higher. A time may soon enough arrive when, the people of Europe either take back full control of their own respective national parliaments, live in a state of outright anarchy, or within a form of authoritarian dictatorship that not even George Orwell could fully envisage, or incapsulate. The fate of The UK, is again determining the fate of Europe and the World. If, the proverbial THEY, succeed in breaking us, the rest will swiftly crumble, if not, the entire world could be set on a path of once unthinkable peace, freedom and prosperity.

    jacob sharpe says:

    We voted to leave not the mps us the people voted to leave the mps are the will of the people not the will of the mps the people

    Corp Sjun says:

    The officials in this country are traitors. Period.

    Keith Harris says:

    Corbyn is a nasty irritating wretch, and there’s something wrong with a system in which the wretch and his equally flaccid ‘Remain” followers can maliciously scupper Brexit….

    David Accorsini says:

    The federal reserve are looking for an excuse to do a QE4, Brexit could not have come along at a better time, in the sense it has something greater than itself to prop it up should the forecasts of doom and gloom materialise.

    keepit real says:

    Referendum should never have happened as it wasn't in the countries interests.
    People voted based on incorrect information and blatant lies.
    The result WAS NOT A BIG ENOUGH margin to take action on such an important situation.

    Does it Really matter says:

    "We will leave the EU on the 31st with or without a deal". More political bullshit! I wonder if we will ever find a politician that doesn't have reconstituted chicken pulp for a spine

    Jim says:

    There are certain defining moments which we all look back on as crucial turning points in the long and storied history of our country, whether it be Hastings, Cromwell, the Act of Union… for future generations, what is going on with Brexit right now will be viewed as yet another one of those turning points. We are witnessing and living through something genuinely huge.

    Scwry says:

    What a bunch of hypocritical bullshit

    scoobydoo5164 says:

    Can't trust politicians to tell the truth on the remaners or brexiters side sack the lot of them

    dan wells says:

    Power of the people shall rise one day soon

    denkaanhenk says:

    Britain will leave the EU in 2050 come what may!!

    Sophie Dolphins says:

    No one wants to leave the eu

    Greenpoloboy3 says:

    Useless bunch

    Joyce Ivan Misa says:

    It is the parliament not Johnson the who hostage the country

    jack tarr says:

    Jeremy Corbyn must be Boris Johnsons biggest admirer

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