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  • [BREAKING NEWS] Clippers fined $50K for statements inconsistent with Kawhi Leonard's health status

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  • [BREAKING NEWS] Clippers fined $50K for statements inconsistent with Kawhi Leonard’s health status
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    Oliver Palafox says:

    Balmer pays 500k in advance…pocket change

    Tj Mckenzie says:

    I bet if they started fining guys a game check they wouldn't be sitting out games. $300,000 is a lot of money to give up to sit on the bench.

    Young Skullet says:

    Powder my speed bag

    Bren Bascos says:


    King Kosta says:

    Leonard’s not playin 82 regular season games period…deal wit it

    candy kush says:

    This is the guy you guys said made Toronto win the chip? It was allways a team effort but he got all the credit

    Somath Nao says:

    This wasn’t a problem last season in Toronto.

    bill bangz says:

    Everybody knows their resting him for the playoffs but the problem is it's the beginning of the damn season. The owner, coach, Kawhi & team should be FINED. This dude averages around 65 games per year how much more rest does he need…

    Tyzell Clater says:

    Everybody knows he only won a ring cause LeBron was in the west DeMar would've won a ring with them niggas to if LeBron was out the east. Secondly LeBron was in the west lol the east was wide open they played a squad without Kd the assassin he gets to much credit lol

    America WW says:

    If he’s not healthy suspend him. I’d laugh if clips miss playoffs from load management

    Russ Rod says:

    The only way to settle this is… if the team is sitting the player(s) for load management. Player is not allowed to play the following game, player has to sit multiple games instead like 4 or 5 games.

    Larri Lindsey says:

    The gall of the clippers fans to be upset about anything. They shouldn't open their mouth about shit!!!!! You finally got a functioning organization and a proven champion and they have the nerve to say something. I want them to have this same energy when kawhi gets them a championship. Second guessing is absurd for them….smh

    Guadalupe Rios says:

    He should be suspended 5 game's with out pay see👀 if he makes it a habit!!!

    Mo Suleiman says:

    Fuckin diva doc says u feel great but wanna miss 2 out of the first 7 games so u can stay fresh while every other team and players are grinding every game what a coward ass nigga

    Enargy says:

    Glad he did not go to the Lakers, he is just a diva.

    jay Rodriguez says:

    For one second I thought that dude was caron butler 😂😂😂😂

    MightyZocalo says:

    Kawhi is such a bitch….I hope he gets suspended in the playoffs.

    T Will says:

    The Spurs were right! By the way, what was that second opinion Kawhi got back in 2018?

    station4hiphop says:

    This is the guy they wanna crown? Sitting out games to have an edge on players who come out and put in work every game. This ain't about last year,I dont wanna hear bout what LeBron did either. Keep it real Kawhi is pathetic.

    Top Troop says:

    everybody's Talkin about LeBron and Anthony Davis been injury-prone but let's see here you got Paul George shoulder injury don't know if he's going to come back the same kawhi Leonard hurt again but y'all rag on LeBron and Anthony¿¿¿

    Shaun Caruna says:

    Fine after fine

    SugarRay2 says:

    Should have been 500k for the player and 5M for the franchise! Fans pay all the money for second rate games.


    Kawhi is a complete coward…

    SoulikeVice says:

    I’ll be back for the comments

    eugene queniahan says:

    Good fine them more 50grand os peanuts

    Mondrian says:

    Fckn knew it. Kawhi and the clippers are so full of shit.

    Money Singh says:

    Fuck the clippers LAKERS all day !!!!!LOL

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