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  • Breaking News: Famed pathologist says Jeffrey Epstein was murdered

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  • Breaking News: Famed pathologist says Jeffrey Epstein was murdered

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    Bud Wiser says:

    We all know he was murdered but this is all going to be swept under the rug and not going to be proved so Slick Willie Clinton and all those other sick pedophiles ( Democrats and Republicans ) are going to get away Scott free just like they always do and that’s why they become politicians so they can get rich a get away with whatever they want to except President Trump they are going to get his ass come hell or high water and they are framing and making shit up just to be sure.

    Sahara Kemipt says:

    he was wacked killed murdered …taking out … whatever u wanna call it … clear as day

    Paul Maleski says:

    Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson's statement follows claims made by a doctor paid by the Epstein family challenging that conclusion.

    "Our investigation concluded that the cause of Mr. Epstein's death was hanging and the manner of death was suicide. We stand by that determination," Sampson said.

    A H says:

    The Israeli Mossad killed him just like they are robbing our economy and buying our politicians!!!

    Seminole Nation says:

    Looking back on John Podesta emails published by Wikileaks, it is shown how the Clinton campaign monitored news linking Bill Clinton to Epstein (7-18-19)

    Seminole Nation says:

    Hardcore Lefties Wikepedia, after scrubbing Bill Clinton Epstein ties, now will not allow edits on ANTIFA to show their attack on journalist Andy Ngo (7-18-19)

    Seminole Nation says:

    Day after Chuck Schumer grandstands telling Labor Sec Acosta to resign, its reported Schumer took in $1000’s in campaign cash from Jeffery Epstein (7-11-19)

    Seminole Nation says:

    NY Times reports Democrat Manhattan DA Cy Vance was seeking reduced sex offender status for Jeffery Epstein (7-10-19)

    Seminole Nation says:

    Upon analysis of public information, Jeffery Epstein political contributions favor Democrats 18 to 1 – One America News (7-10-19)

    Seminole Nation says:

    Author James Paterson says per his research for his book “Filthy Rich” the Mar-a-Lago spa manager says she went to Trump about Epstein being inappropriate with young women. She says Trump threw him out immediately (7-9-19)

    CapAnson12345 says:

    Yeah I dunno. But consider the facts..

    1. Epstein DID molest/rape underage girls.
    2. He DID own a private island with no other purpose than to bring said underage girls.
    3. He DID fly with many MANY powerful and famous people to said island, INCLUDING Bill Clinton. Again refer to point #2.
    4. RIGHT before he was at the point where he could theoretically cut a deal by naming names he ends up dead.
    5. Almost immediately after his death it's declared suicide, case over, let's move on and the story is off the front pages quicker than you can say conspiracy.

    You do the math.

    Marko Mijuskovic says:

    So it turns out that the American society, when it really matters, is no better than Putin’s Russia or any other society. Rich and powerful get away with murder and rape and democracy and justice are just words to make us common folks feel like we matter.

    Roberto Giménez says:

    If you always believe the official story you're massively naive.

    Alkis05 says:

    I'm shocked… that they admit it was a homicide.

    August Brante says:

    I believe the is our generations grassy knoll !!!!

    Kevin Begley says:

    Bill Clinton is retroactively awarded zombie kill of the year.

    People person says:

    Check out the TrueAnon podcast for a deep-dive into the world in which Epstein operated. The hosts are coming at it from a leftist perspective and stick to verifiable information. For the terminally online you might recognize one of the hosts as ex-Twitter personality PissPigGrandad who fought, and posted, with the Kurds in Syria.

    fuckfannyfiddlefart says:

    Mi6 will next be held accountable, after Diana, do you think they are bothered about the pedo pimp and I'm darn sure Trump is breathing a sigh of relief!

    Patsy Judd says:

    Only an idiot would ever believe it was suicide.

    Webweaver Filler says:

    How can you hang yourself with tissue paper thin sheets and a 3 foot tall bed?

    Didn’t need a pathologist to tell me he was murdered.

    Haywood says:

    Great job, he was either murdered or a.Clinton suicide

    crash bandicoot says:

    Man I gots to say crystal ball is looking fire as hell today

    EGH181 says:

    The super wealthy are disgusting. Saagar is right, this is just like Versailles 1789. The Hamptons is not a defensible position!

    MuhLogan says:

    Fun fact, Dr Michael Baden sat in on JFK's autopsy.

    EGH181 says:

    The intelligence community did it to protect their honeypot scheme. This is how they keep their own in line.

    Shawn Michael says:


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