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  • BREAKING NEWS: Fiat Chrysler And Peugeot Are Merging — Here's Everything We Know!

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  • ( http://www.TFLcar.com ) Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot Group officially announced a 50-50 merger Thursday, creating the world’s fourth-largest automaker selling more than 8.5 million vehicles globally. Here’s what we know so far, and what that means for the industry’s future.

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    Diddy Doodat says:

    Le Dódge Dímón

    Jacob Whittington says:

    It's kind of funny that GM sold Opel and (???????) And now it's going under the same umbrella as Chrystler

    Jaidon Vincent says:

    Wonder who will buy Chrysler after Psa sell them off?

    david chamberlain says:

    I personally believe it is strategic. Someone bought value or sold value but the company is not the value. The value is in the tech. Eventually plants and logistics support and brands will shut down. Liquidation companies will do what they do. The executive staff will get paid well to close businesses and then they drift in the wind.

    You will have some brands left and shared tech, more logistical support left and some manufacturers trying to find someone to buy their product or business.

    It depends on how you look at it. Once the liquidator is done jobs are lost and businesses closed… until the market creates competition and new jobs.

    To me… merger is a sign that someone has reached the growth ceiling or company talent potential and are suffering for money or resources, or just the opposite are rolling in money for the investors and want to squash competition.

    The winner and loser is the consumer. You get more or something you didn't have access to…. at the same time you have less choice.

    It's the new world order. AMG is a badge… "built" means assembled..

    Manufacturers sub out so much… does anyone actually create a whole product anymore?

    TFL the merger buys market, logistics, and tech.. with a fat chance of dumping thousands of jobs.

    So you may get a jeep with something new… but was it worth it or ever really needed?

    Donaldo Gerber says:

    I don't think it's a good idea…

    Leopold says:

    Why dont they just merge with Toyota instead?

    Mike says:

    Well god knows Chrysler will need help with full electric. Mercedes chassis, Italian diesel, german ZF transmission, 30% of the Ram Mexican parts and the list goes on. A full electric wrangler, gladiator or Ram 1500 would be an awesome vehicle though. I just wonder what else peuguot could offer in terms of chassis? Don't they primarily make 4 cylinder european econo boxes?

    Plumb Nutz says:

    Next, Dodge buys Yugo…

    maria reyes says:

    I've been on the fence about the JL and now I have to step back grab a seat popcorn and see if the product is going to be any good before I feel comfortable buying it. Reality is everything for me.

    Mr.Arizona92 says:

    Ohh noooo lemon lemon

    jlv3x says:

    My first Jeep was a Cherokee Chief made with Renault parts. I put a lot of miles on that vehicle, hopefully this will be a good thing for Jeep. I think the Rivian truck and SUV are making EV look a lot more feasible.

    Profrmr650 says:

    Every time you guys say electrification and autonomy…. I barfed a little

    Steven Tenney says:

    Fire the chef of suspension

    Andy's Shop says:

    What a disaster. 2 junk brands combined into one. (At least they didnt buy Nissan/Renault)

    Parham Makhsous says:

    Please bring Peugeot to the US

    STEEVE DAVID Nicolas says:

    Meanwhile I'm waiting for scotty video about that merger 😄😄

    NO_EYES_ON_ME says:

    All the crappie car makers merging into one?

    ZXEJ says:

    As I read the comments. One thing is common. Cost cutting. That is a term of the MBA graduate! Henry Ford was a Benevolent Dictator. But he always tried to learn better processes. Demming and Juran the Quality gurus did not have MBA degrees, and worked for Ford. Robert McNamara who also worked for Ford, had an MBA degree. As Secretary of Defense he gave us a messed up Vietnam War.
    The issue is not the companies. But what kind of interest and Education the leaders have. American and Global companies have been ruined by successors of the founders. Who were MBA grads. And never built a company!

    George L says:

    FCA and PSA have NOT officially merged. They have come to an agreement to merge. That’s very different. Mergers have to he agreed on by government overseers and take tears to complete.

    Coty the Gamer says:

    Fiat Chrysler Peugeot Shared Automotive
    Edit: I think that's ok for a name I'm a Mopar or no car kind of person but I'll definitely give this a try

    ennis p says:

    What's next GM and Ford merger to become the biggest automaker

    Eric S says:

    So, does this mean FCA products will only come in white with a yellow stripe down the back and no other gear except reverse?

    MultiPurposeReviewer says:

    I still think Jeep needs to break off and be its own company again. They would do very well on their own, and they would be free from things like the FCA diesel emissions scandal a few years ago.

    Also, how long before it's something like FCPSASPCA?

    Allan Desmond says:

    hire a sound guy for inside stuff….

    memonk11 says:

    The company will be called Moland.

    Organic Mechanic says:

    Horrible. Are you guys anti-American?!? I can't believe that you guys support the destruction of the American auto industry. That's insane. I will NEVER own and support electric/autonomous vehicles. Making electric vehicles is not environmentally friendly at all. It requires the removal of mass amounts of minerals from the earth

    Xavier Ramirez says:

    it may work i mean people these days are so stupid when it comes to cars. like the jeep renegade owners. ohhh look at me i have a jeep…. no you dont that is a fiat underneath you got fooled.

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