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  • [BREAKING NEWS] Get Up | Chase Young will not play vs Maryland because of possible NCAA issue

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  • [BREAKING NEWS] Get Up | Chase Young will not play vs Maryland because of possible NCAA issue
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    Bigbuckets_Rio says:

    That’s all caps they just don’t wanna get him hurt 🤣🤣

    Brian says:

    “Bama has the longest home streak in NCAA history at 31 games.”
    Um what?
    2002-2011 Boise State had 59 straight home wins, so I don’t know wtf you’re talking about…

    M18 Hellcat says:

    Just like "pro", "expert", "celebrity" and so on "breaking news" is used very very loosely nowadays.

    Ben Elston says:

    Chase young did nothing wrong it's not like he's accepting illegal gifts from sports agents

    corey holliday says:

    Well time to focus on making millions of dollars now

    Hector Rodriguez says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Ohio State season is over

    DiveDeep says:

    I'm a Bama fan and I'll be the first to tell you this is bullshit. He took a loan from a family member for Gods sake. The NCAA needs to change their policies because shit like this is ridiculous. Wish this young man the best and hope he fights this!

    Zachary Hewlett says:

    Wish I could post a pic. Chase Young just posted on Twitter he accepted a loan from a family friend before his freshman year at OSU. He paid it back in full during the summer. In my opinion, he'll be back before the Penn State game. Also, almost everyone goes through some type of financial hardship. He wasn't given a loan from an agent, any type of booster, etc.

    Kemet says:

    Leave it to ESPN to their part to start the Ohio State bashing.

    Arene Armstead says:

    This is some bullshit! They put somebody on this to ruin Ohio State and Chase's season. This to me is college football corruption and conspiracy. Why would u not want the best players to play it out on the field? Fans wanna see the game at a high level not a brand every damn year. Why come after the school that is chosen to be on top? Ohio State earned it. Let the teams play it out! Let the kids decide on the field. It's f'd up business in this game but were gonna hold our heads high. Go Bucks!

    A.J. Lake says:

    He won’t leave he’s too much of a leader. He wants a championship.

    open minded TRUTH!!!24/7 says:

    Good job sec your special media personnel are doing a great job..this is funny soon as hes mentioned in the Heisman race here comes a story from 2018 lol I'm not a buckeye fan but I do notice everytime someone or a team gets close to bamas level or in ESPNs way of specially recruiting for bama by all the saban specials to get the recruits attention on him..they always find a way to damage them college football is a joke is why I hate this sport these idiots ruin it way to much obvious corruption

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