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  • Breaking news!!! Iran launches missile attack on American airbase in Iraq.

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  • Iraq has just taken credit for launching a massive missile attack against an American Airfield in Iraq.


    Amin Momtaheni says:

    Iran foreign minister: look at those beautiful missiles hitting your Airbase! now will you give me my visa to go to UN or I should send you more beautiful REQUESTS!

    Fast LikeTurbo says:

    لعن الله الملحدين

    Fast LikeTurbo says:

    الله اكبرررررر

    Dutchy says:

    Thanks Donald Trump Baa Baa Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin will be pleased

    Sebastian Parra says:

    Latinoamerica presente

    Athear Nasery says:

    USA 🇺🇸❤️

    jerry giovengo says:

    Bacon bombs incoming..

    zoki kostadinov says:

    GO GO IRAN ..take your revenge on Murdericans

    Robbie Blue says:

    Lol, every iranian in America is being monitored, and they won't be aloud into trump rallies

    Sabri Selçuk says:

    Turkey <3 you all americans get the fuck of from Iraq

    Fintastrophe says:

    And the slimeballs at CNN couldn't be happier. Pieces of shit. But it's okay cause Trump's gonna drop the FUCKING HAMMER on them if there are any American casualties.

    Fortshite says:

    What happened to only leaders will diem

    christofer bravante says:

    This is it…..

    Chucku Farley says:

    Iran…you had to go there. Just had to. You dont seem to get it. What just the US Navy alone can easily do to you overnight!

    Abhash.g says:

    Where the memes now. This aint no joke

    Not Scarce says:

    Rip to the troops that have died if there is any 🙏

    Crypton says:

    А можно ненадо

    No time for Kids says:

    What is to come? Iran will come to the USA and get you offguard again and do havoc in the USA instead of allowing the USA to come to Iran or even stay in Iraq or closeby. As Salami said, the place you love, not the places you dont care about.

    But Trump assured you that the world became a safer place for Yankees after Bibi convinced him, he Bibi, you did it..

    By the way, what was the Patriot System doing this time? Sleeping once again? Are you kidding me? Bring them home fast!

    By AbdAllah

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