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  • Breaking News: Kyle Kuzma Returns Friday vs the Mavs!!!

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  • Kuzma Gets Set to Make His season Debut, Join me Now to discuss!


    Rico Hamilton says:

    Kuz gona make som noise

    Rico Hamilton says:

    Lets go dan

    Jeff E says:

    This will allow AD to get some rest until his shoulder is fully healed. I wouldn't be surprised to see AD get a day or two off soon.

    Kevin King says:

    Kuzma will play when the Lakers play @ Mavs (this Friday…Nov 1st) …This will be his first competitive game since suffering a stress reaction in this summer with Team USA…Kuzma is not expected to exceed the "15-to-20" minutes range, according to The Athletic/Stadium's Shams Charania. Kuzma played in his first real practice on Wednesday with the (G-league) South Bay Lakers…

    FATHER'S OF BASS says:

    Go lalers hell yeahhh kuzzzzmahhhhhhhhhh good morning dan the man with the master plan

    Dwain Sellers says:


    Laker4life says:

    Dan I couldn't get my response out in time.When Kyrie went for those 50 points it was a shot across the bow to the MVP war. AD responded with his historical performance of 40/20.Then almost immediately Hardin goes for 59 points along with Bradley Beals monster game,look for Giannis to go off next in the race for season mvp

    Me First says:

    grizzlies will buy out iggy if they keep losing….blocking the lakers gets old and gets gms fired….ask dell demps

    Me First says:

    any smart gm would have made that trade….those guys are playing better without the pressure to win anything

    Me First says:

    they call them flippers!!!!

    Kevin King says:

    I love the fact that Kuz is coming back NOW the Lakers have more firepower and can rest AD and LeBron and improve the Chemistry…
    IMO…the Lakers lineup 240/mins…Mcgee/Howard 50 mins…LeBron 30 mins…Kuz 30 mins…
    AD 30 mins…Green/(KCP/Daniels) 50 mins…Bradley/(Caruso/Cook/Rondo) 50 mins…
    THT is now practicing with the team…Dudley: team player…Cousins another option…
    AND eventually Iggy…(Imagine) Howard/Kuz/Iggy/Daniels/Caruso coming off the Bench…

    Demetrius Hall says:

    Now we can say they have a big 3

    moshe mitrani says:

    Dan i sure you get on future a job in lakers

    Prince Edward says:

    I would love to see when Lebron sit and we have Kuuuz and A.D on the floor, you think we can run a fast break team? both are young fresh leg.

    Marx was right says:

    The only positive I see in keeping kuzma is his off ball movement and floater game. Other than that I think Ingram's a better all around player and also can create his own shot.

    PERSPECTIVLOG X Lakers-fandom says:

    How about Talen Horton Tucker?

    Prince Edward says:

    Kuuuzzz is back! now well see how he and A.D, chemistry in this Friday game. the two will be the face of Lakers dynasty in five years after. I hope it work out( I don't want him to get traded).

    lcglazer says:

    Did you see Wizards got a mini Laker team over there starting Thomas Bryant and Isaac Bonga, Mo Wagner off the bench. The guys we don’t even use are players on other teams..

    Mr. Marvin h Cajuste says:

    I'm excited about kuz return Let's Go Lakers 💛💜👏

    Mary Grace says:

    I hope the Clippers loose every game Kawhi rests for.

    Mary Grace says:

    We needed this. I still like Kuzma better off the bench.

    Neva Miss says:

    Kuzma is back nice.

    BD2DK says:

    I know that was a Freudian slip Dan, but I really wish we kept Andre Ingram. Dude played a decade in the gleague. He's a veteran shooter! That's what we needed with this current lineup!

    Erick the Laker/Raiders fan says:

    Let's get it baby

    Teddy Joned says:

    Lakers in six for the ring.

    Ray Barrios says:

    Yay! Kuuuz!.. …and how about that Warriors defense!:)

    Renee Lewis says:

    🙌🏾🙌🏾 Kuuuuuuz!! I couldn’t be any happier!!! 💜💛 Welcome back!

    D-all-is-well Robinson says:

    What your take on Kawhi load management already

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