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    David Pinkus says:

    Poch would have been gone at the end of the season anyway. His stubborness with tactics got him sacked, I believe he had lost the plot. Spurs need a new manager and now, not at the end of the season. Its too bad it had to end like this for Poch and Spurs.

    The Realist says:

    Why is our deluded fan base surprised? the writing was on the wall and I can't say I'm surprised, Lucas Moura must be somewhere out there with a cheeky smile on his face. Lewis needs to sell up and take Levy with him, that will be even better, but Pochettino won nothing and never has. Team selections, formations, substitutions have been off for a while, he was going to leave at the end of the season anyway, Levy just speeded up the process.

    Faizal Haroun says:

    Gutted about Poch. Don't want Mourhino anywhere near our club. Style of football is all important at Spurs and Mourhino doesn't fit.

    Mr Sammotube says:

    We love Poch, but he has done a poor job in the league for the whole of 2019 – loving him is not going to turn the results around.

    Kerryman in Guatemala says:

    Joe Louis is the problem not levy

    جوي says:

    it is all because of Levy that he paid a lot of money for the new players while he said "get out of the team" to all current players who sacrificed everything for years to the point that they won the second place in the champs. Who would play for the team and such a leader who ditches this way? I totally understand why players were so discouraged and feel "unfair." it is so obvious that generals who don't understand the values of their soldiers lose the battle. Shame on Levy

    Jay P says:

    you bellends are getting mou! enjooooooy! hahahahahaa

    Jason Caruana says:

    Poch has made a lot of mistakes over the past year but so have the board

    I reckon Poch’s own success of lifting a group of players who were not superstars before their arrival has been his downfall, Levy clearly couldn’t see that the squad needed rejuvenating and the players themselves as evident over the past 12 months couldn’t push anymore that we are in the situation we are in now

    Still love spurs but going to miss Poch

    abdirahin dahir says:

    Big sam is available and go back to mid table team because that’s where you belong.

    Debbie Elder says:

    Tottenham are finished

    Guy Thompson says:

    Sonny come to liverpool!!! Perfect player for us .. 화이팅

    Calvin Liu says:

    What happened

    Pablo Qtimporta says:

    Pochetino said no to Argentina national team couple months ago just because he was very comfortable at Tottenham spurs and now this club sacked him? … not good Tottenham!

    wrskallai says:

    We had 5 starters in the England team from spurs in 2018, not Poch fault that in 2019 just 1 stater

    Moussa the GOAT says:

    like for #bringpochback.

    Garry Morgan says:

    You have the worst chairman in the Premier League Daniel Leavy

    Martin Hawkins says:

    on the bright side Lloris,Rose and Aurier will likely soon follow,COYS

    matereo says:

    Mourinho the new manager i hear.

    Martin Hawkins says:

    although I backed Poch he really did look frazzled if not depressed if Levy is paying out big money to release MP then you know he had lost the players 🙁

    Juan Macias says:

    Spurs fans are hypocrites.You get what you asked for so don’t blame levy for listening to the fans who wanted him out

    James Park says:

    Kane… Son going to leave…

    Sue Smith says:

    Gutted, but not surprised , I think we are mourning for the Spurs we WERE in Poch first few seasons rather than the Spurs we are NOW , however Poch should have been backed not sacked . I blame Levy and the board for this 💯, watch Poch go to a club where he will be backed with players he actually WANTS and watch him flourish . As for who comes in , well, good luck with finding ANYBODY who can do half as well on a limited budget . So sad how Poch reign has ended …… #ENIC#LEVYOUT

    Dean Jones says:

    Levy is an idiot you've now let man Uniturd have him for free…Howe for Spurs i guess…

    Emanuel Daoud says:

    Mourinho will only come if given a big war chest: I don’t think he’ll get the job. No bravery at the club.

    Shspurs1 says:

    I want these two on this channel to protest at our next game.

    Stefan Blois says:

    I think you analysed it perfectly good video guys.

    It's going to be an interesting few months coming up COYS

    Femi Ogidan says:

    Must say Levy has got guts to sack Poch who is loved by most Spurs fans. But you can’t deny that results have been horrendous, Champions League run last season aside, for a long time now. Removing sentiment, this sacking was inevitable. Thanks Poch: that night in Amsterdam would take some beating! A night I will always remember with joy. What next? At this stage of our development we need a winner. As much as I shudder at the thought, the man to do that is Mourinho. But what do I know? I wasn’t impressed with Pochettino’s appointment in the first place!

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