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  • [BREAKING NEWS] NBA fines Clippers $50,000 over Kawhi Leonard "load management" drama | NBA GameTime

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  • [BREAKING NEWS] NBA fines Clippers $50,000 over Kawhi Leonard “load management” drama | NBA GameTime
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    Aldwin Flores says:

    Name of the lady? LILIA CUNTAPAY. Thank me later.

    Shundarian J Catron says:

    Smh but he surpassed Lebron right ?

    Rugerman205 says:

    It’s CHEATING the fans who travel and pay their hard earned money to see somebody on the bench.

    odcrpo says:

    Fuck kawhi he’s a bitch



    Renee Lewis says:

    You’re tired already Kawhi?!!

    JaVaughn McGregor says:

    Only 50 G's ?…. pfft* 😏 ! That's the equivalent to only "half a minute" of Steve Ballmer's net worth… LITERALLY.

    Nalla Dlanor Gomez says:

    this princess(no.2) creating drama more than the kardashian

    you scooper says:

    in just 7 games, kawhi missed 2 games already for load management…fine sounds good to me..

    Max Jean-Philippe says:

    That fine is light compared to the ticket prices…

    youpindra says:

    Kawhi is not even 29 year old … he can’t play back to back

    Johnny says:

    This is just the pussifacation world we live in now

    Salvatore Puccini says:

    So the NBA agreed with the team doctors and then changed course and fined the clippers?

    jose mauras says:

    Hahaha that’s gd for him. Get your ass out there! You could play! It’s not right that all these fans are paying money to see you play and you with the bullshit that you don’t wanna play. Fuck outta here with that bull shit.

    Ig says:

    NBA should make it $200,000 per fine.

    robert harris says:

    Love you ! Thank you for being a great Blazer!

    El AKM says:

    Lmao the sensitive pussy got fined.


    I thought homeboy was Caron butler😫🤦🏽‍♂️

    na ruhina says:

    Kawhi be like: im a fined guy

    SuperDFAMILY says:

    I remember watching Patrick Ewing play. He had bad knees and you could see him in pain but he gave his all. Was it wise? Maybe not but I appreciated his love for the game and caring for the fans. The league has done so many things to stop them from getting hurt now. But they still see to be more ungrateful. I feel sorry for the less talented players that give there all every day.

    na ruhina says:

    Why pat bev has no load management? Isnt he tired of clowning everyone?

    Davis Milne says:

    Kawhi lacks Jordans diligence how he never took off days

    jose castanon says:

    This will stain kawhis legacy

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