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  • [BREAKING NEWS] Nick Report: Panthers shut down Cam Newton for rest of 2019 Season

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  • [BREAKING NEWS] Nick Report: Panthers shut down Cam Newton for rest of 2019 Season


    BWM says:

    Sure been enjoying the last few days of the show, aaaand CC be gone? Lol. Peace out CC. Been real nice knowin ya, since you was in diapers.

    Nick Shah says:

    Great News actually, now he can focus on his costumes and dressing up like a princess.

    Rubin Turner says:

    Titans and Bucs and Bears are best places. Cam is going to bounce back. He's not done yet.

    C S says:

    Kyle Allen is benefiting from a great team around him. They’re not going to make a Super Bowl run ever with Kyle so what’s the point

    Akeem Alston says:

    This is the best thing to happen for Cam, It’s the equivalent to Luck retiring. He gets to sit out a year without actually retiring. He can get healthy fully and then move on to a team needing a breathe of fresh air as he needs, Chicago would be the best fit.

    Yo huckleberry says:

    He was always to aggressive he thought he was hot shit granted he was pretty good. But look what happens

    Ryan Musick says:

    All the those unnecessary hits he took while running the ball through his career finally catching up? Sure didn’t help

    jon snipe says:

    cam finished with panthers… he can get another team

    Melkeva Ferguson says:

    He’s going to the bears

    Karl Jenkins says:

    It’s over Cam

    Jerome Lewis says:

    My favorite Qb Tom Brady sits it down next year, and the Patriots grab Cam…I would so love that…..

    Aaron Beaulieu says:

    Cam watch 2020 will be fun if they release him, he'll be one of the top free agents

    Eli Mac says:

    If we release him im not fw my team for a minute

    T. A.A says:

    Jenna shut your ass up!

    Charles Polm says:

    Thank God media doesnt decide shittttt

    robert will says:

    He hasn't been right in the head since the superbowl. I wish him well.

    Biscuit man says:

    He hasn’t been 100% in forever smh. They keep chasing the thought of old Cam. It’s gone. It’s unfortunate but it’s gone. If we see something in the coming future then cool. But for a while now, he’s just not that dude anymore.

    Chris Risher says:

    Cam to the Chargers.

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