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  • Breaking News: Pakistan in the process to remove evidence of IAF strike on JeM camps

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  • After the air strike conducted by IAF, Now Pakistan is in the process to remove evidence in Balakot.

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    Tahir Mahmood says:

    Napaak hogi aap aur aap ki soch. Give Rafael deal proof to your supreme Court.

    bluejeans canada says:

    There is 0 evidence of any killed terrorist, WAKE UP INDIA, no one in the world believes Modi’s story.
    Watch BBC, and international media who visited Pakistan, local witnesses in the area were also interviewed.
    Pakistan responded because you crossed into their country and that is enough for retaliation.
    When 350 people die in bomb blast there had to be torn body parts, blood, legs arms, there had to be injured people, hospital evidence, people are people everywhere, everyone has a mobile phone cameras these days no one captured anything ANYTHING?
    They even invited international media to come and check.
    And saying that pakistan retaliated is a proof is non sense, if you come into a country and drop bombs even if you drop them in open space, of course Pakistan is gonna react you cant go across borders, borders are there for a reason. You get arrested even as a civilian if you cross border, let alone a sensitive area and let alone coming in with fighter jets.

    Seraiki Lala says:

    Abhinandan … how is the josh.

    Seraiki Lala says:

    Rest in peace. 12 trees and one crow.


    Blindly supporting modi apart from modi I dnt see any political leader so capable and responsible
    Rest all party are cheater and terrorist


    Dhir bol re behen

    only entertainment says:

    Surgical strike 2 se av to pm Narendra Modi ji ko koi nhi hara sakata jai ho modi.modi .Modi🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    AlakhNiranjan17 says:

    PAK erasing evidences after IAF strike is analogous to prostitutes taking contraceptive pills after customer leaves!!

    Saurabh Thakur says:

    News anchors are the worst

    nabil akram says:

    Bahen choud jothi

    Jyotsna Singh says:

    Pakistan should understand that no matter how much they serve lies to the world , they will get exposed one or the other day. Terrorism nexus in Pakistan cannot be hidden anymore.

    amit kumar Birua says:

    Show us the bodies

    Jasbir Singh says:

    All pakistan has to do to prove that India is wrong is to show that those monsters our brave pilots killed in the terror camp, are still alive……baat khatam………damn lying donkeys 🙂

    Indy Wadz says:

    Saboot. Mitaa ke kya karenge. Mirage. Ke papas saboot. Kaise. Mitaoge

    Malik Sb says:

    fake news I am from balakot

    Alamgir says:

    ek bat batao .. Tum logon ke fighter marey pakistan ne ? Han
    Tum logon per sirf Warning shot mara Pakistan ne Han
    abey agar Pakistan ke 300 bandey tum ne marey hote to Pakistan 3000 mar chuka hota aur wo bhi immidiately tumhari tarah 13 din wait nahi kerta aur na hi masters ki permission leta
    kuch nahi hua hai idher ek gher ki chat giri hai aur ek banda zakhmi hoa hai us se
    aur tum bandey count ker ke agey raat main aur juldi main abey q jhoot bol rahey ho

    Vikas Tyagi says:

    पाकिस्तान आतंकवादी है और जल्द ही बर्बाद होगा। जय हिंद।

    Simon Matthews says:

    extent of Indian lies.

    No evidence on training camps destroyed, no evidence on F16.

    Indian media lies but astonished the government, military, air force and navy are all complicit in the lies.


    Shameful wannabees @India

    I heard IAF managed to destroy 4 trees and I kind you not one crow

    Celebrating Indians without evidence? INDIANS are so stupid.

    But the main question is the international community needs to speak on behalf of The Kashmiris because clearly India refuses to talk to Pakistan about Kashmir.

    70 years of oppression and over 1 million Kashmiris massacred and tens and thousands still missing, countless of mass graves sanctioned by Indian occupying forces, tens of thousands Muslim Kashmiri women raped by Indian soldiers.

    Speak about Kashmiri Referendum as per UN Resolution and Hindu nationalist terror against non Hindus in India sanctioned by Modi himself.

    Pakistan handled this situation very well as a professional, and responsible nation and armed forces and clearly skillful .

    Prahlad Vaswani says:

    Jai hind mere jawano

    princess Maher says:

    Napak tum khod ho 2taka ka media

    Patrizzio Yoza says:

    Zero news walo salo sudhar jao.. Fake news me salo tum sabse aage ho

    Tiger Wood says:

    Hansi aa rahi hai tm logo py hahaha salo kabi to apni awam ko sach dikha dia kro

    Raja Raja says:

    Where is the evidence of balakot 300+ bodies where is pulwama attack evidence fake indian media fake indian govt there is no single visual pic or video india ke andh bhakhto pakistan ne IAF ke Jet crash ki nd pilot ki video jari ki hai kuch to sharam kro modi sarkar

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