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  • [BREAKING NEWS] Steve Kerr depressed: Stephen Curry suffers broken left hand, loss to Suns – ESPN SC

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  • [BREAKING NEWS] Steve Kerr depressed: Stephen Curry suffers broken left hand, loss to Suns – ESPN SC
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    The Flux says:

    How can they project poole to be the PG when Dlo is the PG?

    Lorenzo Quintanilla says:

    Dammm man Curry hope you get better man heal up quick I'm from San Antonio and not a warriors fan but I don't like to see anyone hurt hope all goes well my dude Curry …..You got a beautiful family and they don't deserve to see there dad down man…..

    B V says:

    I'm not a NBA fan but so sad how miserable some ppl r to wish bad on gs just because they have been successful smh kinda like how ppl want the Patriots to fall

    Roy Ziqi Wang says:

    Where all the warriors fans at in the new arena??????? Invisible now lol

    mimicmage says:

    This will show us how faithful warriors fans are .

    Bmiller9219 says:

    Draymond gotta have that same energy he been having. He about to get exposed

    Rogelio Panotes says:

    There goes your $220 million. I bet Steph will be traded in two years

    kurt chiong says:

    with or without curry this team sucks hahaha no playoffs

    NBA FANBOY says:

    Enjoy the new arena

    Joriel Pascual says:


    Waveface killah says:

    I don’t feel bad for the Warriors prayers to curry though

    Clifford Bolingot says:

    Goodbye gsw fans..lol..

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