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    BREAKING NEWS: The no-deal Brexit documents the government didn't want to release

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  • Food shortages. Crisis at the border. Even the risk of rioting across the UK.

    The Government has released its assessment of what could happen if the UK leaves the EU without a Deal – and it makes for startling reading.

    The six pages of Operation Yellowhammer warn that in the worst case scenario, there could be long delays at Channel crossings, significant electricity price rises and impacts on medicine and food supplies.

    Sky’s deputy political editor Sam Coates reports.

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    Red Bird says:

    Fear mongering. Port workers say this is not true.

    Fiona Fraser says:


    ALA says:

    Sky News bullshit.

    Christopher Smith says:

    Clean water?! Oh come on, I’m sure it’ll still rain into dams post brexit

    True Christian says:

    All this proves is that civil servants love to promote Project Fear propaganda.

    Nigel Moth says:

    Lol 6 pages 🤣 the drama is unreal

    PT Peu says:

    Well,the promise was " we will leave we will be able to get amazing deals"…there ya go

    Real FreedomOfSpeech says:

    Andy McDonald Middlesbrough Labour MP has been ultra-scaremongering on Radio 4 this morning saying the North East will lose 50,000 jobs. What a disgraceful disingenuous piece of work he is. Remainers have been trying to destroy democracy, the will of the people, from day one after the referendum. Three and a half years of debate and discussion and Remainers are complaining about 4 days worth of proroguing. Two thirds of constituencies voted Leave in the biggest democratic vote in history and Remainers will not accept the result. The Yellowhammer report is a worst case scenario assuming the government doesn't do anything to mitigate and is a short-term disruption. Remainers are being totally disingenuous again. Democracy relies on LOSERS CONSENT. Remainers are traitors – plain and simple.

    Banjo Banjo says:

    From the Hammond Treasury Mandarins. My mortgage went down after 2016, thought I'd lose my house from what they said.

    MIra S says:

    I've met an ethusiastic no-dealer brexiteer yesterday. She was laughing at this yellowhammer report.
    She said 'I don't care, I do have my pension!. ….so this is the mindset of those people…..
    And she earned her pension during the UK EU membership prosperity….

    Dennis Smith says:

    No delays according to both Dover and Calais and when WTO kicks in more ports will be open, stop being part of the problem. If it was that bad Kate Adie would be reporting

    H Kay says:

    '' The Sunday Times has reported that Yellowhammer is one of three scenarios being studied, with the other two being Kingfisher, involving a support package for distressed British businesses, and Black Swan , a disaster scenario.''

    shah hossain says:

    I'm a brexiteer, and I believe this is a project fear.

    Topp TV Noise says:

    Operation scare tactic. So obvious

    Mark Cooper says:

    All bulshite tony Blair's behind this

    Charanjeet Jawanda says:

    Project Fear becomes Project Reality

    novo 2424 says:

    Full support to Johnson, only Bruxel servants hates him.

    Tim /Dotexe55 says:

    More MSM bs with Yellow snow documents, we are sick of all the fearmongering the MSM keep pushing out….the same old Sly News…

    Alex Xandrinha says:

    Now all is well but food is missing on the medication table pro sick .Bill up this country becomes a chaos and time to reflect and see what lies ahead for the future and uncertain ….

    novo 2424 says:

    EU i s bullshit!

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