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    BREAKING NEWS TRUM'P 11PM 5/7/19 | URGENT!TRUMP News May 7, 2019

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    Jayson Tackitt says:

    Is not education the best defense

    Peter Lim says:

    Can someone put a screw in Nader head, cause he doesn't understand the Russian hoax on our president collusion investigation is over or maybe our president Trump should chop his head off!!! He he he!

    jimbo boogie says:

    Nadler is head of the lollipop guild

    Petrea Agar says:


    boneman538 says:

    Don’t need anymore multinational deals w nukes. Right now let’s just focus on the artificial inflation w oil. Just because someone over there talks and owns 5% of the supply shouldn’t move my retail consumption price by $2.5. Universal basic income devalues the utility of $1000 over time. The deflationary capacity of digital currencies beat any current fiat structure or federal reserve standard

    xracer 09 says:

    As far as the school shooting, oh my God that's terrible but what does it have to do with my constitutional rights? No one at the school is armed so it is very safe for a gunman to go on a shooting spree, it is too bad that people are so stupid, those two shooters I'm sure would have thought twice about a fair gunfight

    xracer 09 says:

    The Democrats are trying to seize power, topple the government and initiate a coup against a duly elected president they are a threat to national security, also when two sides cannot agree and hate each other so much there is only one thing left to do…….FIGHT!!!!!

    Dave Clancy says:

    The American people need to drag these democrats into the street and shoot them like rabid dogs

    Rooster Mbakb67 says:

    Shut up Shannon. Our law makers eat fried chicken. You dumb shits.

    Ralph Sisk says:

    so two pissoff kid's went to school to settle a score because they are being Bullied! it's not the Guns fault!

    Ann Marie Schrage-Glaviano says:

    Democrats need to STOP. And get on with their government jobs. Ridiculous

    Ralph Sisk says:

    so the DEM's are back to practicing late term abortion! in school NOW!

    W Winterheart says:

    Gonad-ler should be the first congresscritter to face a treason tribunal

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