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  • BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 1pm 2/13/20 | BREAKING News TRUM'P February 13, 2020

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    • Stock market news live: S&P, Dow hit 2-month lows; yields plunge as coronavirus fears take hold - Yahoo Finance February 25, 2020
      Stock market news live: S&P, Dow hit 2-month lows; yields plunge as coronavirus fears take hold  Yahoo FinanceGlobal stocks plunge as coronavirus fears grow beyond China  CBS NewsThe Dow tumbled more than 1,000 points on Monday and marked its third-worst point drop in history — here’s how the stock market tends to perform after big drops  MarketWatchHere's why […]
    • Tenerife hotel on partial lockdown as Italian man tests positive for coronavirus - CNN February 25, 2020
      Tenerife hotel on partial lockdown as Italian man tests positive for coronavirus  CNNView Full Coverage on Google News
    • Court closes courthouse door on slain Mexican teen's family - AOL February 25, 2020
      Court closes courthouse door on slain Mexican teen's family  AOLSupreme Court says parents can't sue US Border Patrol agent who fatally shot teenage son in Mexico  CNNSupreme Court rules Mexican parents can't sue Border Patrol agent who killed their son  NBC NewsSupreme Court denies Mexican family's damages claim for cross-border shooting  USA TODAYSupreme Court Tosses Lawsuit Against U.S. Border […]
    • Tua Tagovailoa expects medical clearance March 9 - ESPN February 25, 2020
      Tua Tagovailoa expects medical clearance March 9  ESPN2020 NFL combine: Jordan Love the big winner as quarterbacks weigh in and get measured  CBS SportsNFL Draft 2020: Lions smell chance to cash in on Tua Tagovailoa frenzy  New York Post Tua Tagovailoa on the health of his hip: 'It's been a grind'  Detroit Free PressRon Rivera adds top tier talent […]
    • Joe Burrow says he will happily play for the Bengals - WLWT Cincinnati February 25, 2020
      Joe Burrow says he will happily play for the Bengals  WLWT CincinnatiSource - Joe Burrow measured with 9-inch hands at NFL combine  ESPN2020 NFL Draft: Joe Burrow’s hand size is a non-issue  Cincy JungleLSU Football: Why Joe Burrow’s hand size shouldn’t be a concern  Death Valley VoiceLSU QB Joe Burrow will play wherever he's picked in NFL draft  Detroit Free […]
  • BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 1pm 2/13/20 | BREAKING News TRUM’P February 13, 2020


    William Harris says:

    Bloomberg is a runt, squish the little squirt.

    Freedom IsHe says:

    Keep speaking up…. Thank you.

    Drew Marq says:

    Trump broke the Democrats.

    Rick Souther says:

    Biden has to screw the pooch and loose as he is on a downward spiral from corrupt behavior and will take all Dems supporting him along for the ride.

    Walt Wood says:

    Democrats are capable of anything….including but not limited to assassination attempt..it would not surprise me one bit…there evil pure evil…and they need to be radicated.

    Goman says:

    I hear you Trish earn that paycheck with your lying and spinning.

    The Veteran says:

    There will be MORE impeachments coming! That's the ONLY way the DemonRats know they can win! PLEASE EVERYONE stand beside the GREATEST President we have EVER had, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP! 🇺🇸

    Kevin Krostosky says:

    Ilhan O. Wraps her Head Tight so that her Brains don't Fall Out ! ! !

    Patriots Only says:

    As long as the repubs and our president sit there and take it…..they will keep bringing it. He needs to go on the offensive big time and have pelosi, schumer, etc investigated.

    jarla naudic says:

    THE Dems are so desperate I worry they will try to assassinate our wonderful president. I've never seen this much hate in my entire lifetime. They are solders of the devil.

    James Reyer says:

    Why do like a no help Trump help with people the lier

    Kenny TRAN says:

    Republican = President = AMERICANS FIRST
    Democrat = Pelosi, the squad = socialism = illegal immigrants first

    Rose Hinton says:

    Yeah!! an another four years come 2024, although it would be wrong for Trump to remain in office past 2024, I would be willing to make an exception in Trumps case, if not for the fact, that we would at some point, have to except a stupid liberal too, i would be all four it !! lets kick all the social liberals out now, while we have the upper hand, and not care what they think, as they could care less what we the people think !!

    Flb843c Imp47 says:

    Grow up and open your eyes,you ,Fox news ,Barr,and the GOP are simply enablers to Trumps corruption and criminal behaviour.He has the Senate in his pocket and with the aid of Barr he is undermining the judiciary.When power is in his hands then welcome to the banana republic of America.

    Mel McGrath says:

    crusty Birney needs to go lie down someplace and close his eyes for good
    these losers could shine the president's shoes

    Goman says:

    Your unfair to your family, you should not be so corrupt. This is Trump – 3 baby mama's, cheated on First lady while pregnant with Porn and Mistresses, 20 + sex allegations, All businesses have failed, 6 bankruptcies, Can't run another charity, Cheated in 2016, Friends with Epstein and Florida madam, cheating in 2020, Hid taxes and education, but he's being picked on. I DARE SOMEONE TO CHALLENGE THAT!

    Rick Souther says:

    The dems are lying to everyone to get elected. They cannot open borders, give free education, and medical aid to all or your country will collapse and fold immediately and dems know that. Do you have any intelligent people in your country at all. Trump doesn't have to care of you stupid people elect the dems Trump has money and can just move to another country if you people collapse your country.

    R. Burchardt says:

    President Trump has been a bit tardy on getting rid of the Obama Holdovers in the White House. They needed to be GONE the moment he stepped into Office back in January of 2017. If anybody's bitching about Obama Holdovers getting booted now, sorry, but it has been a damn long time coming to them! JMHO.

    lmergenti says:

    Trish — You are fantastic !

    John Thompson says:

    President Trump was re-elected and their heads popped off.

    Frank Perez says:

    Some one tell Trump to recommend a dentist to Small Mike.

    Camille Palmer says:

    Bernnie sanders need to be investigated for colusion with the Russians.

    Janet McGibney says:

    Trump the Betrayer

    James Long says:

    Dear God can this woman get any hotter? She's smart, beautiful, conservative, all she needs to do is show me a video of her shooting and I'll declare her perfect.

    Andrew TV says:

    Trish Regan is very beautiful and smart

    Me Me says:

    Democratic pigs

    Jeffrey Binder says:

    Trump supporters are getting really sick of the constant false allegations, fantasies, and mind-reading. If they ever succeed in bringing Trump down or messing up his agenda in his 2nd term, there will be a revolt that Democrats will feel for decades.

    Raul Sanchez says:

    Your guest is a moron, Bloomberg won both parties not trump.

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