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  • BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 4PM 11/9/19 | Fox News November 9, 2019

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  • BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 4PM 11/9/19 | Fox News November 9, 2019


    Patrick Kans77 says:

    In a perfect world, Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer etc…. would be imprisoned for treason against the American people.

    Patricia Campbell says:

    Alabama list today because Trump came an hoxed the game. Everything he touches just turn to…

    Joe Sixpack says:

    Where the Hell is AG Barr ? Why isn't the Bidens in jail awaiting trial for treason, sedition and fraud along with Odumba, Clinton and their cronies… Repubs wake up!

    Joe Sixpack says:

    Who's that b!tch ? Another demorats made her way into Fox news… Fox is sinking fast going down the demorats sewer … shame on FOX "news"

    Lu Ha says:

    It is true, https://youtu.be/ML3qYHWRIZk

    Kerry Tackett says:

    Schiff has spoke to the whistle blower! This outrageous! This is a witch hunt! No due process! Secret meetings….this not a Communist Country. Term limits right now! We have to get rid of these traitors that have been in office for over 30 years! Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul soon we will be voting again! McConnell do something! Rand Paul you are a smart guy! Both of you need to get on board!

    v D'Walt says:

    Why is this so garbled? No thought carried to completion. NOT WORTH LISTENING TO!

    Kerry Tackett says:

    This a travesty! Idiots…. we need to get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler. No due process….meetings in secret. This not Russia! We need to do something! Soon we vote again! We must get rid of these traitors!

    Daniel Devault says:

    He can lie to reporters, but he can’t lie as a witness, so AS should have to testify. We have all seen AS lie about the conversation Trump had with Ukraine President in a house hearing. Executive privilege still affects ex employees who talk about acts that happened while they working. I am sure lawyers are governmental lawyers stopping the testimony. If I was subpoenaed I could not afford an attorney so I would simply plead the 5th. If I testified and misrepresented myself in different hearings I could be charged with perjury. Example if I tell you last Wednesday for breakfast I tell one committee I had eggs and potatoes, but another hearing I say steak and eggs I am guilty of perjury. I am innocent till proven guilty, so keep your mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jimmys Jamin says:

    The Republicans should just say if we dont get what we want we dont play plane and simple !

    M. Rici says:

    Who would believe than the worst terro.rists attacking us would be in it our own☝️ government 👉The Líder an old bag of bones N. Pelosi

    gary K says:

    It will be worse for Democrats if they deny the witnesses requested.

    Daniel Devault says:

    Barrow money from China and give it to Ukraine? So the US pays interest. How much money was borrowed under Obama’s / Biden’s watch from China. Hunter Biden working for Chinese Government and no one wants to investigate??? The Chinese will never investigate. Subpoena joe Biden also.

    ronald pellet says:

    I’m amazed a so called journalist would side with what Schiff says even after delivering the transcript in his own words. Totally lying. And then the president released the transcript foiling Schiff plan. Then it was just a joke. A parody the schmuch. Why wasn’t he centured for that???? It’s like the Dems can lie their way to the ballot box and beyond and that’s OK with the media. It’s just nuts.

    Misorganic1 says:

    Hey are you guys Fox News you said this was about Trump he didn’t say this was about the impeachment when you titled as that is false and fake headlines shame on you I don’t wanna watch your program anyway. But I did want to see what Trump had to

    HealthyHappy Senior says:

    You, lady on the left, you speak out of term, you don't allow the senator to speak, you speak over him, you are disgraceful, and I have lost all confidence in any of you democrats filling the seats and overfilling your pocketbooks with American Citizens hard-earned money, and I wish all of you would simply drop …….

    William Gleaton says:

    Go figure the smartest person around winds up being FOREST GUMP by saying (STUPID IS AS STUPUD DOES).amen.

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