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  • BREAKING NEWS! Trump adviser when he was 8 years old did…

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    Francisco Florimon says:

    These people need to stop playing this game, because there's dirt on all of them as well.

    Rin- Joh says:

    U.S.A is the world's reality TV, and I don't even get paid to be an extra.

    butterdiekisses says:

    It's over. Trump has to resign now.

    dreadrath says:

    Sheesh, this is just sad.

    Daniel Tsiprun says:

    Vee i thought you are a poor gyose how were you able to afford a haircut

    Blue Falcons Suck says:

    [Insert Name Here] was a difficult delivery. Father said he had an "unusually large head". [Name] also showed early signs of an abuser by kicking while in the womb.

    You know it's coming

    Autistic Legion says:

    Soon they'll say that 'glue-eating' is a secret zoophilia dogwhistle.

    Tommy WizOh says:

    Huffington Post.
    Written for NPCs by NPCs.

    Based KekBot says:

    They had to bring up something from 3rd just to find something to smear him with. That’s just desperate

    RM Man says:

    You need to talk about the white man's cradle Vee. Fuck da Americanski. Europe NOW!

    TheShadowReaper says:

    I don't know about anyone else but, i'm European and i find these videos to be some of the best content you've given us Vee.

    Edit: American politics are the most entertaining shit show this planet has produced.

    Curtis Cheeves says:

    Did his teacher admit to molesting him also.

    Tommy WizOh says:

    Peak journalism is finally here!

    Certainly Trump will not only be impeach for this, but executed on live TV!
    This is certainly going to earn these excellent blue-ckeck NPCs an award… maybe even a Nobel Prize.

    AMnesia HAze says:

    all men are guilty of sex crimes. all men should be jailed. cmom bruh you know it , i know it

    Imperien Cypher says:

    I was joking about progressives and TDS sufferers doing something like this during the Kavanaugh saga a few weeks ago!


    Tony Mathis says:

    What do you call a school teacher who remembers an 8 year old they taught 40 years ago? A pedophile.

    Jorge Zorros Xamaica says:

    Early signs of a drug user . GATEWAY DRUG

    Bilaros93 says:



    (when he was 1 year old)

    DrunkenAussie says:

    Ate glue in the third grade?
    Who didn't?

    Rob Smith says:


    Greeley says:

    You’re up



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