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    BREAKING: President Trump SURPRISE News Conference

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    • Energy Secretary Perry expects a 'coalition effort' to put a stop to Iran's 'malign activities' - CNBC September 16, 2019
      Energy Secretary Perry expects a 'coalition effort' to put a stop to Iran's 'malign activities'  CNBCRick Perry says it's premature to say whether Strategic Petroleum Reserve is needed  CNBCView full coverage on Google News
    • UK PM Boris Johnson cancels a press conference in Luxembourg - BBC News - BBC News September 16, 2019
      UK PM Boris Johnson cancels a press conference in Luxembourg - BBC News  BBC NewsMark Ruffalo smashes Boris Johnson's Hulk comparison  CNNBrexit: UK offers no solution to replace backstop, says EU  BBC NewsBoris the Hulk: could the PM really be the superhero?  The GuardianRandom acts of madness: all the things that Dominic Cummings is getting wrong about game theory  The […]
    • Trump's warning to Iran raises fears of war -- and confusion - CNN September 16, 2019
      Trump's warning to Iran raises fears of war -- and confusion  CNNSaudi attacks send oil prices soaring: Live updates  CNNGlobal oil prices surge after Saudi Arabia drone attacks  Al Jazeera EnglishBehnam Ben Taleblu: Attack on Saudi oil facility shows Trump was right to pull out of Iran nuke deal  Fox NewsTrump Is Cornered by the Saudi Drone Attacks  BloombergView full […]
    • Red Cross May Resume Its Work In Afghanistan, Taliban Says - NPR September 16, 2019
      Red Cross May Resume Its Work In Afghanistan, Taliban Says  NPRU.S. and Afghan forces killed at least 38 Taliban fighters in airstrikes  CBS NewsTwo senior Taliban leaders killed by Afghan, US fighters | TheHill  The HillIn Afghanistan negotiations, we must include our allies  The Washington PostFor Afghans Scarred by War, ‘Peace Can’t Bring My Love Back’  The New York TimesView […]
    • Edward Snowden exclusive interview: "I'm not asking for a pass. What I'm asking for is a fair trial" former NSA contractor says - CBS News September 16, 2019
      Edward Snowden exclusive interview: "I'm not asking for a pass. What I'm asking for is a fair trial" former NSA contractor says  CBS NewsEdward Snowden: I'd love to be granted asylum in France  AOLEdward Snowden calls on Emmanuel Macron to grant him asylum in France  New York Post Snowden calls on France's Macron to grant him asylum  ABC NewsWhistleblower […]
    • Trump weighs in after writer's Andrew Yang tweet - Fox News September 16, 2019
      Trump weighs in after writer's Andrew Yang tweet  Fox NewsRepublican Journalist Doesn't Want to Befriend Trump But Will Vote for Him  NewsweekView full coverage on Google News
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    Josy Jod says:

    Sargannt rock.

    Josy Jod says:

    How did it start bacause they wanted it to happen.

    me me says:

    God bless our president Donald Trump!!

    Fred Norman says:

    you want to see a pull as to who will be president look here.

    az barak says:

    Doing trump good jobs

    Mary Eavenson says:

    he is and the democrats are just can't wait to get their grubby hnds on America's hard earned cash so they can give it to other people after they take their lions share .

    Quentin Askin says:

    He's right America has been protecting Countries and not getting paid get that money Mr. Thrump.

    alexis kaiser says:

    The economy has been trending up since 2009. What has he done to perpetuate this growth? Nothing, really. We have the highest debt and deficit we've ever had, the consumer is absorbing the tariffs, the auto industry is weak, housing prices stagnet, people working two jobs, farmers going bankrupt. Stock market is good, but, it has not experienced the growth it did under Obama. Trump walked into a healthy economy. Will it stay healthy? In his word…" we will see." He is not exonerated of all crimes. July 12 is right around the corner and Mueller is going to testify. Moreover, he has 16 investigations outside the scope of the Mueller report. This is a really bad joke on the USA. He needs to resign.

    rockhard says:

    watch closely people, watch closely and remember this
    you are watching a historical giant
    one of the legends of the story of humanity
    take it all in
    its a rare privilege

    John Mcginn says:

    Trump is the only thing standing between the people of the United States and the Democrats look what things were like two short years ago and just imagine where we would be if Hillary Clinton would have won. We all should stand up for what we know is right and do everything we can to make sure that nothing happens to Donald J Trump. Because I don't know of another man that could do the job he is doing. Considering our choices..

    marybacon11 says:

    These comments OMG 😲
    No wonder we are where we at with a jester leading the USA!! Anyone who thinks this rambling and babaling makes any sense is koko for cocoa puffs he sounds like an elementary kid very entitled and spoiled whos caught in a terrible line of deciet making it up as he goes with no regard for common sense boundaries or logic totally cares less about what consequences that comes from such horrific lies because he knows he won't suffer behind the fuckery he lets come out his mouth every time it opens!! Straight lunatic racist uneducated orange fool!!

    Milan Stevanovic says:

    now i'm better with you'n that… straight… i like the idea someone saved my ][s again.

    James Smith says:

    Democrats need to watch there rear end they gonna get it kick again in 2020 . Hahaha

    Dennis Bailey says:

    Donald understands the corruption of our congress he has the knowledge to combat their lies to the American public god bless donald trump and god bless the USA

    Rendy De Schryver says:

    I want to be the new president of America, I call every soldier back, and I fire every person who has worked with Trump! I put Trump's wife back by plane to her country and Trump himself may already start paying taxes that he has not paid, if not life imprisonment with no chance of release, plus I would really make contact with China and Russia Iran and all other countries that trump threatened to start a new contact, and for those who refuse to show your ID card to the police, I would punish 1 to 3 years in jail, child abuse directly the death penalty! unnecessary police violence will also be punished. police pursuits that endanger the public will no longer be tolerated, hackers will be denied their civil rights and income! street racers will get 99 years in prison. media promoting violence will be stopped, and there will be no more difference between republicans and democrats. a country a nation !! that is what i would do as president of america. oh yes almost forgotten, citizens streaming live and giving the police a hard moment will get a 60-day prison sentence greetings from a belgium one

    Dale Hansen says:


    Jenn Mills says:

    Americans want our politicians tax returns. All of them.

    Ben Amadi says:

    What the hell this moron's talking about? From unfinish point to another 😂😂😂

    peter schreiber says:

    History has been made Trump for President 2020 no one stands a chance against him 4 MORE YEARS 4 MORE YEARS 4 MORE YEARS

    Godfrey Melibe says:

    I used to be a Democrat, but now a Republican. In the past I didn’t know that they were evil people who don’t believe in Jesus Christ.

    Jim Cartwright says:

    i vote for trump

    Toguro 100% says:

    $100 million a minute for five minutes, pretty productive.
    Obama would waste fully spend that much that fast.

    Matrox One says:

    Why is comedienne Fred Armissen behind Trumps right shoulder pretending to be a Doctor.

    Elliot Alderson says:


    Ernestine Hronas says:

    President Trump why will you not use the laws that are availed to the protection of this country, John Kerry has been a thorn in the side of every Vet.and just citizens, for his actions that is alway treasonous to the United States of America. He has alway just flown under the radar to be prosecuted, but now he is openly fighting against our President, to weaken your effect with our enemies. Obama is doing the same thing. You are so strong and smart that you are looking at them like a gnat swarming around you.

    peter bertoni says:

    Isn't that the hypocrisy how now Republicans hesitate to strike IRAN when in fact that they always want to start nonsense wars??

    craig nourie says:

    muller pot more of trumps administation in jail then any other president in american history

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