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    BREAKING! Russia to Deliver S-400 to India Within 18-19 Months, Contract Already Prepaid!

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  • Russia will deliver S-400 systems to India in strict accordance with the schedule, within 18-19 months, and the contract has been already prepaid, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said.
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    Jose Fonseca says:

    Say Índia fears the Zombie apocalypse. It fears that at some point it will take positions the Zombies find sassy and not ok. The Zombies would probably do what they always do: Park a task force of Zombie aircraft carriers and bomb Índia into compliance. For some reason Índia find the idea not atractive. The Indians know that like most bullies the Zombies are cowards that prey on the defenseless. Só they buy an extremelly efficient air defense system to make sure the Zombies will pay a heavy price if they try their Zombie game on them. This is more likely to prevent a Zombie attack and in the end its a low price for Peace. Same reason Turkey is going for it. People are not stupid. They watch the News. They know history. They know Zombies cannot be trusted.
    Peace out!

    Наталия Милованова says:

    There is never limit to perfection

    Perfect News says:

    We need this to fuck Pakistan

    Adam Balding says:

    Russians are dumb. Indians are black jews. This will go straight to Israhell then USA……..or Russia isnt that dumb and giving them substandard equipment…..which is usually what it does. Funny thing…..spend $5Bn…the people starve……..Pakistan only needs 1 or 2 nukes……both countries destroyed…..so why waste money on missiles

    S. H. says:


    Empanadas Fritas says:

    USA never had any real allies. The whole world hate them and 1 or 2 countries uses it as the dumb older friend who go to any fight even if it loses every single one of them.

    Hunters channel says:

    Russia is fucking broke trying to make it back to be any kinda power. after ww2

    J L says:

    Trump is very angry as usual

    ACEOFSPADES 91744 says:

    — U.S.A. CITIZENS🇺🇸

    ali ali says:

    India has always bought Russian weapons but after the collapse of Soviet Union America thought China is a big threat so they decided to use india against China. there is a lot of American India cooperation in defence field and weapons and technology. America is also providing infrastructure to India and they gave India latest nuclear plants to meet their energy needs. many Americans companies have mad heavy investment in India. America offered India patriot missiles too but India like turkey knows Russia missiles are much better and cheap so they bought them but as India is American favourite so there will be no sanctions or threats .good choice India.

    Alessio Sem says:

    New unilateral sanctions from usa to india are coming. And i can add: who fucking care. 🤣 🤣 🤣

    roger Brownfield says:

    Wise choice India. After 18 plus years of terror war, it's very apparent American weapons systems can not keep the peace or win any wars either. Based on measurable results, the US military industrial intelligence complex is a total failure.

    Rahul s says:

    I don't understand whenever India buy something from Russia . American start saying poor Indian poor country just bcoz we buying from russia.if we buy from USA then American nothing to say.

    Carsten Oepping says:

    i would like to see a russian Oil Tanker delivering iranian Oil to Syria escorted by a russian Flotilla . they (western Criminals) will cry … XD

    Aviro Nevo says:

    Indians by the hand of the Israelis are just going to do reverse engeneering, these people are evil. Fortunately after 70 years of judeo-bolshevism the Russians are well aware

    Jerry Raju says:

    That woman is wow 😍👀 what a beauty got slightly distracted from that news

    Jayce Ollie says:

    If India is so great, why can’t they design and manufacture their own air defense?

    Ryan. says:

    I thought they're gonna deliver those to Pakistan, no?

    Ta ra says:

    I thought India was pro America.

    Blue Red says:

    Putin is shameless by obeying orders of Chabad. Putin knows the ashkenazi khazars are not even real Judeans/Israelites and his joining hands with synagogue of Satan. He’s bringing curse upon Mother Russia. Stop now!

    Dell Jiju says:

    Спасибо россия
    Одна из любви из Индии

    AirlinersHD says:

    US still No.1, but slowly loosing battle.

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