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  • BREAKING TRUMP NEWS [11AM] 10/12/19 | CNN Breaking News Today Oct 12, 2019

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  • BREAKING TRUMP NEWS [11AM] 10/12/19 | CNN Breaking News Today Oct 12, 2019


    Glory Glory says:

    You go now and kiss Rudy's ass and see if that will help him from throwing you under the bus.

    Michael Payne says:

    Make him pay a security deposit or no rally

    Carmen Velazquez says:

    Are his supporters stupid, ignorant or oblivious to facts.


    Dump is gross and only knows how to promote himself with hate

    Chiki Nini says:

    I see it and can’t believe it , my jaw drops from utter disbelief of how much people believe in this insanity that trump is, like wtf people what’s going on in your heads !!!!! THEY DONT WANT UNDOCUMENTED PEOPLE HERE BUT EVEN UNDOCUMENTED PEOPLE ARE MORE AMERICAN AND LOVE THIS COUNTRY MORE THAN TRUMP SUPPORTERS, trump is NO AMERICAN AND HE DOESN’T LOVE THIS COUNTRY, and I DO NOT SUPPORT WHAT HES DOING JUST TO GET THAT WALL UP ,, I’m talking about the money he took from troops to build that school they really need

    Laverne Ferguson says:

    No, Shepard didn't leave due to ratings. Shepard left because of all the lies they had to tell for 45! Stop playing. You know why.🤨

    Laverne Ferguson says:

    45 is sooooo disrespectful! He will definitely lose this race and will be forever known as the one who was IMPEACHED! The fact that you have resulted to the use of profanity proves you are sweating bullets behind closed doors.🚪🚪He is ridiculous! Smh!😏

    kirk kirk says:

    Can't believe people/people's actually listening to that shit house.

    elbori2822rs says:

    I hate the fact that there are many people like this monster.

    elbori2822rs says:

    This guy is reckless…….

    June Matthews says:

    Disgraceful behaviour from a so called leader. School yard bully is all he is.

    Sam Sami says:

    I did not see anybody older than 16 in that rally how come they didn’t rotate the camera around. Lol

    Poppy Sydney Australia says:

    Scott Jennings is a fool and blind and deaf of what is the truth. He is still barking for the traitor idiot Trump. What a waste of time to get him on air. The traitor idiot Trump rally has proofed how many fools supporters shouting barking for this traitor.

    JMalik Lewis says:

    What a big fat pathetic joke!!its fucking dumb how people can defend this clown!! Seem to me they're just as pathetic as he is!!

    Sirkka Kyrömies-Anttila says:

    it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump would tomorrow say ”Giuliani, who? Oh, a great lawyer, used to work for me occassionally, terrific, good man but I don’t really know him”.

    Mercedes Roa says:

    He will go down in history is the Worse president and most corrupt !! Trump in jail for 2020 !🤨

    Wonder Wonderful says:

    All money is not good money! Shepard Smith is an honest man with values and morals. Kudos to him for separating himself from propaganda on Fox News. Trump doesn't take under consideration some of those people have their children at those rally's to be using profinity at those Rally's. Hope the parents cover their children's ears.
    Republicans are so funny to come out with lack of transparency, as many times as they've done it to the Dems. They are the biggest hypocrite.

    One Nation under God

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