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  • Buffalo Wild Wings employee dies after exposure to cleaning chemical

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  • An employee at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Massachusetts died after being exposed to a chemical cleaning agent. Hazmat crews were called to the Burlington restaurant Thursday after reports of a chemical reaction in the kitchen. At least 10 other customers and workers were hospitalized.

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    Turbo Skeleton says:

    Sodium chloride + ammonia = mustard gas

    Ed Felty says:

    Probably bleach & ammonia.

    MikeX89 says:

    And I'm sure like 8/10 customers that were hospitalized are there to get a settlement check.

    gregory wilson says:

    let talk about why CBS fired a whistle blower for letting the public know that ABC buried stories to help child molester Eckstein's crimes from ever getting to the light of day.   Why would this happen?????   is CBS colluding with ABC??????

    Fox X says:

    Thank you Darwin for a cleaner gene pool.

    Potter says:

    Lmao "hold up… lemme mustard gas myself"

    Sean Cope says:

    If you don’t know or care what a chemical can do. Then don’t use it, especially around other unknowing people. I hope the company bought it, or somebody is in big trouble…..

    Carolyn Ivey says:

    I wonder if the business provided respirators for employee use when cleaning with these types of chemicals? If not, I could definitely see a case for a wrongful death lawsuit against the company. I'm sure chemical hazards are covered by OSHA regulations.

    God, please send your love and angels to comfort the family as they grieve the loss of their loved one.

    Sheila Pearson says:

    Please pull that product out the stores before someone else gets hurt and die. That product is too strong.

    Swift blind justice says:

    I hope for the best recovery for the 10 exposed. Prayers for his family. His passing will no doubt teach others and I'm sure there will be new safety classes taught by BWW.

    Lites Out0_o says:

    What a noob

    Travis McCutchan says:

    This man Mustard gassed himself. Turns out chemistry does come in handy every once in a while. Rip.

    Blank Name Cx says:

    Well well looks like the customers that were sick are about to get hit with a full stack of cash

    Digester 24 says:

    Never ever mix cleaning chemicals together to get that "extra cleaning boost". Also never switch containers without changing product labels and warnings to new container, this usually happens when products are bought in bulk.

    Jessie Hernandez says:

    i work at Buffalo wild wings currently and that same stuff ruined my shirt!!!!

    by 22fifa says:

    if that chemical is used in every buffalo wild wings I wont be eating there for a while.

    Recess says:

    Shouldve just used Fabuloso

    Matt Man Productions says:

    Never combine bleach and ammonia 🤦‍♂️

    Eddy says:

    Today I've learned not to mix bleach with ammonia

    EaST CoAsT MaCHete says:

    Most people are allergic to bleach and cleaning chemicals sad thing is most people dont even know it.

    Livid Snacks says:

    That is insane….just trying to make ends meet….

    Sam Sonite says:

    Looks like he was trying to make a little mustard gas for those wings…

    Giancarlo Leon says:

    Buffalo Wild Wings just can’t catch a break LOL

    mightoe19 says:

    Thursday: Payday tomorrow gonna get 🔥 for the weekend!

    Friday: You DEAD bruh !!!

    TheElementSwing says:

    …thanks for not saying the brand of cleaner….really helps us all out.

    Kingjames313 says:

    Damn, God bless that young man and bis loved ones.

    Jonathan wonday says:

    Wild wings all over the news lately

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