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  • Burnett: Trump embraced same word as suspected shooter

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  • CNN’s Erin Burnett discusses President Trump’s reaction to the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, at two mosques by a white nationalist that left 49 people dead and dozens injured. #CNN #News


    black ghost says:

    He was a left wing eco-facist. Stop relating the crime to Trump.

    vision 103 says:

    Trying to put trumps name in this horrible tragedy. Isn't that being an asshole and disrespecting these people. You guys are horrible. CNN =fake =pay the kids. Dam fools for listening to this shit. I'm not saying run to fox. This shit is horrible though

    george whyte says:

    on the same day….Nigeria: Muslims murder over 20 Christians with machetes and gunfire….wheres the outrage cnn

    Robert Hudson says:

    Let's pray and hope the next massacre is at Fox News headquarters.

    Men And Women Are From Earth says:

    We have a real problem here CNN; I think you need to investigate your reporter, here — she is sitting down behind a desk while speaking to us! Don't you see? Trump is sitting behind a desk and talking to people!

    Weare over9000penisesstrong says:

    Does thid apply to those who criticize police like micah x johnson did, or those who call for gun control like hitler.

    Trump doesn't have to change is policy if someone in new zealand shot people…we need increased border security=wall

    Gary from GLASGOW says:

    Clown News Network using this to denigrate Potus

    George Morris says:

    I just won a bet a 6 pack of Heineken, that CNN would tie or blame Trump for this insane nuts actions before 10 pm ,New Zealand isn't part of america DUMMYCRATS

    Jini Steffani says:

    I hope you're proud of your selves CNN…your doing exactly what the shooter wanted you to do…your finishing the job he started…BLAME… BLAME ..BLAME…President Trump …white people…and GUNS… cause MORE division ..and racial stress…and chaos …this is why you're the enemy of the people…

    Faris Mohammad says:

    Your network falsely called Ilan Omar comments as anti Semitic although many other news outlets analyzed her comments and they all said it’s not. She was put under a lot of pressure to apologize, similar to congresswoman Talib when she said the Act was racist in open session.

    Travis Fox says:

    So…… What words should i avoid, help me, im freaking out. Dont trust dictionarys, i heard that book has all the words that the shooter used. Mind😱is😱blown. You guys figure that shit out, i gotta go 💩.

    Faris Mohammad says:

    Call it as it is… 49 Muslims, if the victims were Jews you would have been raising hell and anti Semitic Rhetoric, why don’t you do the same for Muslim victims

    NinaMonica Johansson says:

    I don’t like anything about Trump. As in anything. But I’m sure every president has used the word “invasion” at some point before him. It’s political vocabulary, and news reporters should report the news neutrally, imo. CNN is reporting too subjective and your credibility suffers. You are giving the critics from the right a justification to say you are fake news, when you report like this. And I’m not even on that side.

    Draco Thumpn says:

    They hate Islam because they hold the key to wealth

    tico tico says:

    The same thing has always been said every time terrorism happen, it's only small number of fanatics, nothing to do with religion of peace, so I don't see any difference here. it's a tragedy we all agree, but don't take this as an opportunity to bash trump. I don't read this news, sorry to much agenda.

    David Fuchs says:

    Been playing around with AI and the breaking news translates as ….
    From … Trump dismisses rise of white nationalism after mosque massacre suspect leaves behind anit-immigration manifesto

    Drew Mitchem says:

    I don’t know a white supremest. I’ve never met one and don’t want too. So blaming is sooooo ridiculous. The man did this is a grown ass man he should take responsibility for actions. Was it the Beatles fault the Manson family killed all those people? Radical Islam not all Islam you stupid idgit.

    Chris Ramsey says:

    CNN has no shame. Not about the victims not about their families and friends but they make it about Trump.

    sara rosewood says:

    The president will never denounce white nationalism because he is the leader for these terrorists!

    TooHi Chris says:

    Why do they keep saying "alleged"? He streamed it live.

    James Stitler says:

    BECAUSE HE USED THE SAME WORD!?!?!?! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL something a child in elementary school would use as an excuse to blame someone for something

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