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Coronavirus: Lebanon's woes worsen as country pushed to the brink

Country was already rocked by unrest over the cost of living – then came coronavirus.

Tests vital for Africa's fight against coronavirus

Early successes have been hailed by some but governments must start getting more data, reports Anne Soy.

Mexico: Roma director Alfonso Cuarón makes plea for domestic workers

He says domestic workers laid of during the Covid-19 pandemic should continue to receive pay.

Nationals' World Series ring features some bizarre math and a baby shark

Breaking down the team’s explanation for the number of stones on its celebratory jewelry.

NASCAR at Charlotte results: Brad Keselowski wins crazy Coca-Cola 600

Sporting News tracked live race updates and lap-by-lap highlights from the Coca-Cola 600.

Updated NASCAR schedule 2020: Everything to know about Cup Series races as season restarts

As NASCAR resumes its 2020 schedule without fans after a two-month coronavirus shutdown, here are the latest updates about each race through August, including locations, start times and TV channels.

Want A Riddle That's Near Impossible To Solve? Choose Some Pictures And We'll Give You One

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If You're A Marvel Fan, Then Saving Just One Movie From Each Year Will Be Impossible

Would you save Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy? View Entire Post ›

Are You More Like Max Mayfield Or Robin Buckley From "Stranger Things?"

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Oh, You're A 2000s Kid? Prove It By Checking Off 40/54 On This List

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This Is The Hardest "Twilight" Trivia Quiz You Will Ever Take In Your Life

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Dead bats trigger panic in Gorakhpur's Belghat area, carcasses sent for examination

Dead bats trigger panic in Gorakhpur’s Belghat area, carcasses sent for examination

Hotel quarantine for foreign returnees only for 7 days, can't charge more: MHA to states

Hotel quarantine for foreign returnees only for 7 days, can’t charge more: MHA to states

Uprooted signals: Kolkata Traffic Police goes back to using hand signals, batons post Cyclone Amphan

Uprooted signals: Kolkata Traffic Police goes back to using hand signals, batons post Cyclone Amphan

Congress arranges bus to send UP migrants stranded in Telangana to Lucknow

Congress arranges bus to send UP migrants stranded in Telangana to Lucknow

Coronavirus cases in Mumbai's Dharavi rise by 38 to over 1,600

Coronavirus cases in Mumbai’s Dharavi rise by 38 to over 1,600

CDS, Service Chiefs brief Rajnath Singh as China wants India to half work at along LAC

New Delhi, May 26: In wake of the escalating tensions with China, Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh held a security review meeting with the Chief of Defence Staff and the three Service Chiefs. The meeting discussed various aspects on India’s response to

'We do not tolerate racism': Bank fires dog walker who called police on black birdwatcher in Central Park

The mutual fund Franklin Templeton tweeted that it had sacked Amy Cooper

TikTok's New Competitor From India 'Mitron' Garners Over 5 Mln Downloads Within Month of Launch

New Delhi (Sputnik): In the wake of the YouTube vs TikTok ‘war’ in India, which has led to a record fall in latter’s ratings on playstore, where it has slipped from 4.6 stars to 2.9, Indian app ‘Mitron’ seems to be making space for itself. TikTok, a popular app in India, has met with controversy […]

'Move On', British Government Says Following Outrage Over PM Adviser Dominic Cummings

Earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s top aide, Dominic Cummings, his wife and their child traveled 260 miles from London to the northeastern city of Durham in late March to stay with his parents after his wife started displaying COVID-19 symptoms. Cummings’ trip violated government guidelines.

Tory ‘Civil War’ Hikes Pressure on Johnson to Sack Dominic Cummings for Breaching COVID-19 Lockdown

Despite the growing outcry around Dominic Cummings for violating the coronavirus quarantine regime, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s top aide has refused to resign, outlining the reasons why he violated the stay-at-home guideline and stating that he did not regret his actions at a press conference on Monday.

Trump Campaign Sells 'You Ain't Black' T-Shirts in a Swipe at Joe Biden's Comments

Joe Biden, the apparent Democratic nominee for November’s election, has said that “you ain’t black” if you’re an African-American voter and are still undecided. He backtracked on the comment after drawing a backlash from the Trump camp.

Rohingya Refugee Camps In Bangladesh Are At High Risk Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

One million Rohingya refugees live in camps outside the Bangladeshi town of Cox’s Bazar. The conditions there make infection control difficult and put the camps at risk of the coronavirus outbreak.

Muslim Comics Gather Over Zoom To Celebrate Eid With Jokes And Joy

Forty comedians came together for 2 hours of stand-up to celebrate a socially distant Eid-al-Fitr. They cracked wise about everything from smelly burps to parents who share misinformation on WhatsApp. (Image credit: Facebook/ Screengrabs by NPR)

What Happened Today: Trump Threatens To Move RNC, Global Impact Questions

NPR’s global health and development reporter answers listener questions on how the coronavirus is affecting the world at large.

16 Super Funny Fails From This Week

The oil… View Entire Post ›

A White Woman Told Cops A Black Man Was Threatening Her Life When He Asked Her To Leash Her Dog

The woman has since apologized and said she is not racist, but was let go from her job. View Entire Post ›

This Woman Went Into The ER For What Felt Like Period Cramps And Found Out She Was Pregnant And In Labor

Talk about the shock of the century. View Entire Post ›

34 Cute Pieces Of Clothing That Are Also Super Comfy

Who else is totally over sacrificing comfort for style? View Entire Post ›

21 Behind-The-Scenes Facts We Learned On The Set Of "American Ninja Warrior Junior"

Some days are cooler than others. View Entire Post ›

Serena Williams Opened Up About Being A Working Mom And Used An Unedited Photo That Needs To Be On Every Billboard

Keeping it 100. View Entire Post ›

19 Truths That GDs And GKs Will 100% Understand, But WDs Just Won't Get

The truest ride or die out there is a GK to her GD. View Entire Post ›

Blue Ivy Got Starstruck Meeting LeBron James And It's The Cutest Thing I've Seen Today

Blue Ivy loves basketball as much as her parents. View Entire Post ›

19 Things That Only GA And GS Will Understand

Having a solid GA and GS duo literally makes or breaks an entire netball team, don’t @ me. View Entire Post ›

NBA reportedly considering World Cup-style pool play for when season resumes

The NBA recently sent a survey to team general managers asking for their feedback on a potential format for the resumption of play, and one option was to group teams into pools similar to the early stages of the World Cup. 

Could Peyton Manning enter the commentary booth in 2021?

Even though Peyton turned down an offer to hop into the Monday Night Football booth earlier in the year, he hasn’t counted out a possible career in the booth.

NFLPA: Players haven't agreed to any reopening plan amid pandemic

Tretter said the coronavirus won’t “kneel down to almighty football” and that players will need assurances they and their loved ones can remain as safe as possible if they begin the 2020 season on time this September. 

Adam Cole's WWE contract reportedly set to expire soon; Linked with AEW

Another WWE Superstar on his way to join All Elite Wrestling?

Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich: Remembering the 1999 Champions League final, Ferguson's magnum opus

On the 21st anniversary of Manchester United's Champions League triumph at Camp Nou, we look back on what was the unlikeliest of triumphs.

EPL transfer update: 5 reasons for and against Philippe Coutinho joining Arsenal this summer

As Coutinho's future remains up in the air, we take a look at five reasons for and against an EPL transfer to Arsenal.

Kayleigh McEnany defends Donald Trump pushing 'Morning Joe' murder conspiracy theory with no evidence

‘What are you gonna do?’ laughing Joe Scarborough said to Don Imus about deceased former staff member

Robert Repella: Former biotech CEO pleads guilty in US college admissions scandal

Repella faces 10 months in prison and a $40,000 fine

Four police officers fired following death of unarmed black man who had neck knelt on during arrest

‘This was the right call’

DOJ ends coronavirus insider trading investigations into 3 senators but continues probing Richard Burr

All four senators reported substantial individual stock sales after some had received non-public intelligence briefings about coronavirus in January and February, before global markets crashed

New York governor rings opening bell as Stock Exchange reopens

‘They didn’t reopen the way it was … They reopened smarter’

35 Pictures That Will Make Every Millennial On Earth Say "I Can't Believe I Forgot"

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This Nurse Is Posting Horrific Photos On Instagram From People Who Tried A "DIY Chemical Peel" In Quarantine

Zoe Gazola also wants giant retailers like Amazon to place stricter regulations on products you can easily purchase on their site. View Entire Post ›

There Are Nine Possible Categories In The Moral Alignment System — Which One Do You Fall Under?

Are you more chaotic than you think? View Entire Post ›

You Can Only Pick One Movie Per Year From The Last 20 Years And Sorry, But It's Really Hard

Indecisive people are quaking right now. View Entire Post ›

Only People Who Can See Blue REALLY Well Can Read These Words

Don’t be BLUE if you don’t ace this quiz. View Entire Post ›

Sorry, But Only An Avenger Can Get 100% On This Marvel Character Quiz

Is this your superpower? View Entire Post ›

The Disney Test Has Only 13 Questions, And I Bet You Can't Get 10/13 Correct

Can you GO THE DISTANCE? View Entire Post ›

Half Of The Population Can't Pass This Multiplication Test Without A Calculator — Can You?

It’s just basic math. View Entire Post ›

17 Moms Who Have Never Censored Themselves And Aren't Gonna Start Now

“Jimmy uses SPF 500” View Entire Post ›

Noah Cyrus Broke Down In Tears Talking About Growing Up As Miley Cyrus's Little Sister

“It was absolutely unbearable.” View Entire Post ›

If You Can Recognize 10/13 Of These Playbills, You're A Broadway Aficionado

Don’t throw away your shot!! View Entire Post ›

Taylor Swift Fans Think She One-Upped Scooter Braun With A Cover Of Her Own Song. Here’s Why.

It’s just another example of Taylor Swift genius. View Entire Post ›

This Is The Most Comprehensive Lorde Lyric Trivia Quiz Ever Made

And we’ll never be ________. View Entire Post ›

Maluma Is The Unapologetically Horny Pop Star The World Needs Now

The Colombian reggaeton star combines old-school Latinx lover charm with a contemporary knack for mobilizing online thirst. View Entire Post ›

Lana Del Rey Said "I'm Not The Enemy And I'm Definitely Not Racist" In A New Video Defending Her Controversial Comments

“I’m sorry that I didn’t add one Caucasian — 100% Caucasian — person into the mix of the women that I admire, but it really says more about you than it does about me.” View Entire Post ›

Let’s Talk About Grooming

How are you managing to keep your appearance the way you prefer it? We want to hear from you. View Entire Post ›

15 Great New Books, Recommended By Some Of Our Favorite Authors

In a Facebook live conversation with BuzzFeed Books, authors Veronica Roth, Kevin Nguyen, John Scalzi, and C Pam Zhang shared their favorite quarantine reads. View Entire Post ›

Ask Us How To Live During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Don’t suffer alone! How to Plague is here to help. View Entire Post ›

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Today's BuzzFeed Crossword, 6/8/16

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Ernie Johnson's emotional TV segment before 'The Match 2' gets strong reaction from viewers

Johnson expressed what many people around the U.S. are feeling in his opening monologue.

'The Match 2' results: Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning beat Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson

Sporting News is tracking live updates and highlights from “The Match: Champions for Charity.” Follow along for complete results from the Tiger Woods-Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady-Phil Mickelson golf match.

Decisive Leadership But Lack Of Clarity On Economic Policy: Modi's Hits And Misses After 6 Years

Decisive Leadership But Lack Of Clarity On Economic Policy: Modi’s Hits And Misses After 6 Years

Chinese President's Belligerent Speech Will Boost Its Army's Morale In Ladakh Region

Chinese President has specifically mentioned the issue of territorial protection when he asked the Army to ‘safeguard the overall strategic stability of the country’.

Everyone's Personality Matches A Cat Breed – What's Your Match?

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Here Are 15 Things People Are Doing In Quarantine That Will Restore Your Hope In Humanity

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Kneel And Weep Before The First Koala Joey To Be Born Since The Devastating Australian Bushfires

Because there is still beauty in the world. View Entire Post ›

Let's See If You're More Like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Or Donald Duck

Find out! View Entire Post ›

This Quiz May Seem Random, But It'll Actually Reveal What Kind Of Pizza You Truly Embody

But the real question, is does pineapple belong on a pizza? View Entire Post ›

Can We Guess Your Favorite Type Of Wine Based On Your Food Choices?

It’s happy hour somewhere! View Entire Post ›

Serdar's season over as Schalke are dealt bitter blow of four-month absence

Suat Serdar suffered knee ligament damage in Sunday's 3-0 defeat to Augsburg, with Schalke expecting him to be out for up to four months.

Judge 20 Cake Flavors And We'll Reveal Your Most Attractive Quality

Have your cake and judge it too. View Entire Post ›

UFC on ESPN 9: Mackenzie Dern faces a litmus test.

Mackenzie Dern will return to the octagon after suffering her first defeat this weekend

Livethread 12: Global COVID-19 Pandemic

submitted by /u/hasharin [link] [comments]

‘China’s military says it is prepared to protect security in Hong Kong, as protests grow’

submitted by /u/ShookCulture [link] [comments]

Remains of 60 Mammoths and the traps for hunting those mammoths found in site for future mexico city airport

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China loses bid to run Israel’s biggest desalination plant after U.S. pressure

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Covid-19: Aarogya Setu app is now open source, says NITI Aayog CEO

NITI Aayog Chief Executive Officer Amitabh Kant said on Tuesday that the government has decided to make the Aarogya Setu app open source, amid concerns that it may be misused. In a tweet, he said the source code will now be available to developers, in an effort to show the transparency of the government. The […]

Uttar Pradesh reports 229 new coronavirus cases, state total crosses 6,700

Uttar Pradesh reports 229 new coronavirus cases, state total crosses 6,700

Coronavirus: Migrant movement creates fresh spike in Covid cases in India, tally reaches 1.45 lakh

Coronavirus: Migrant movement creates fresh spike in Covid cases in India, tally reaches 1.45 lakh

Coronavirus cases in Mumbai up by 1,002 to over 32,700; 39 more die

Coronavirus cases in Mumbai up by 1,002 to over 32,700; 39 more die

Traveller tests corona positive, emergency landing, 42,000 passengers: Day 2 of domestic flight operations

Traveller tests corona positive, emergency landing, 42,000 passengers: Day 2 of domestic flight operations

Coronavirus fatality rate in India among the lowest in world at 2.87%: Govt

Coronavirus fatality rate in India among the lowest in world at 2.87%: Govt

Sadly, Ariana Grande And Halsey Didn't Win The "Midsommar" May Queen Dress From The A24 Auction

Unfortunately Halsey and Ariana won’t be May Queens. View Entire Post ›

Weather forecast: Heavy rains likely in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh; flood alert issued

New Delhi, May 26: Heavy rain is possible over much of the northeast, with very heavy rains especially likely over Assam, southern Meghalaya, eastern Arunachal Pradesh and northeastern West Bengal, according to the Weather Channel. The India Meteorological Department

Fadnavis explains how Centre helped Maharashtra during coronavirus crisis

Mumbai, May 26: Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said on Tuesday that the Centre, through various packages, has helped the state government. “The Maharashtra government is yet to spend financial aid provided by the Centre. I’m giving out the information

Day 2 of domestic operations: Cancellations continue, passenger flights resume in Andhra Pradesh

New Delhi, May 26: A day after the restart of air travel across India, flight cancellations continued with passengers facing difficulties, even as domestic operations resumed in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday amid reluctance due to rising number of COVID-19 cases. Except

This Quiz Will Reveal If You're Cory Or Shawn From "Boy Meets World"

Cory Matthews or Shawn Hunter? View Entire Post ›

You're Either Jen Or Judy From "Dead To Me" — Find Out Now

“You tend to get a little confessy.” View Entire Post ›

Plan A Movie Marathon And We'll Reveal Which Harry Styles Song Matches Your Personality

“Don’t you call him baby.” View Entire Post ›

It's Time To Find Out If You're Sabrina Or Prudence From "The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina"

You can’t lose. View Entire Post ›

JoJo Siwa Quashed The Rumor That Competitions On "Dance Moms" Were Rigged

“I’ve asked the producers. I told them to tell me.” View Entire Post ›

'You want to be politically correct': Trump asks reporter to take mask off then mocks him when he says no

President alleges veteran reporter Jeff Mason merely wanted to be ‘politically correct’

Revealed: Dominic Cummings Edited Old Blog He Claimed Predicted Coronavirus Crisis

Boris Johnson’s political adviser Dominic Cummings is under yet further fire after it emerged he altered old articles on his personal blog, in order to make it seem he predicted the threat of coronavirus.

For The Fourth Year Running, Black Muslims Are Sharing Photos Of Themselves Celebrating Eid With #BlackoutEid

“Happy quarantEid or whatever.” View Entire Post ›