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  • ‘Caught Bluffing’: See Trump Trial Begin As GOP Sen. McConnell Backs Down On Rules | MSNBC

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  • In this report on Day 1 of Pres. Trump’s impeachment trial, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down the key moments, the high stakes wrangling over the rules, and the top clips of both sides making their historic arguments on the Senate floor. Melber notes that for the first time today, a President who boycotted the entire house process made contact with the debate over his fitness for office, and Melber fact-checks some of the key claims. He also reports that the Democratic House Managers’ argument boiled down to some famous lines from the iconic courtroom film “A Few Good Men,” and whether everyone involved in the trial can “handle the truth.” Aired on 1/21/2020
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    ‘Caught Bluffing’: See Trump Trial Begin As GOP Sen. McConnell Backs Down On Rules | MSNBC


    Eric Dobbyn says:

    Some bad bad dudes in very powerful positions here.

    Selena 0ldenoughtoknowbetter says:

    It's not a legal trial…dude….you know this, or should. Ohhhh I forgot you are an opinion commentator. This is a political trial…..Chuckles…You didn't know it did you.Chuckles!

    Bill Pool says:

    "Fair is fair"
    So then, Trump will be testifying under oath, same as Clinton did?

    Whole Life Crisis says:


    Jim Palmore says:

    the house doesn't want to allow Trump's team to ask questions too,, that is the problem

    Chris Ballard says:

    Adam Schiff: I need more coke we need more money for coke.

    Yve Bella says:

    Democrats are prepared with FACTS presented with slides and videos of witnesses who testified during the House Impeachment. moscowmitch and his gop goons didn't even have PowerPoint! What a disaster! 🙋‍♀️Great job, Democrats!👏👏👏👏

    Paul Doherty says:

    This Impeachment Trial is a disgrace. It is UnAmerician. It is fasist activity completely. The Commentary of the News Media in covering this is Superficial, Non Alarming, acting like
    its another day of Reporting, not even discussing what really going on. Let Conald trump, Deven Nunez, Jim Jordan, and Linsey Graham bully America around. Total Fasism. God Bless America from the scroundals in Government and the Scroundrals in the Media who are trying Control and Con America. Their is one outcome of this trial whoever buys the Media and whoever Buys the Polictians Wins and the American People are but insignificant collateral damage

    Steven Arneson says:

    Trumps lawyer keep saying Trump didn’t have the chance to defend himself in the house investigation, you don’t get a chance to defend yourself in a investigation . You defend yourself in a trial period. They must think we are stupid !

    deepbigeyes says:

    White house council are basically all mob lawyers…


    Why is it that Republicans don't want witnesses or evidence but they were complaining that Trump was banned from giving testimony and evidence?? It makes no sense! It's a trial…with no witnesses to the alleged crimes???? Because the Senate banned witness testimony

    Louise Dumais says:

    the Republicans aren't afraid of Trump tweetting , they are afraid of the truth coming out because they have all been taking dirty money. They are as corrupt as the whole white house

    Rob Dim says:

    Americans just want the truth!

    Chris Ballard says:

    What a waste of tax dollar's

    DJ Architect says:

    Republican will do everything in their power to block the truth

    Blial Hendrick says:

    This reminds me all too vividly of what the Veterans Administration practiced and employed with my claim and appeal for benifits. 21 years at least to resolve. Same denial and same disregard for the evidence. WTH is going on with these egotistical nitwits??????

    Diana Eidson says:

    Who is paying for his seven lawyers? The taxpayers?!

    Thomas Jackson says:

    If we follow Ari's reasoning, the Democrats are laying the foundation to discredit this trial, and rightfully so! They cannot win based upon pure political calculation, so they argue that pure political calculation is the reason that Republicans depart from standards of fairness and excellence.
    The Democrats implore the Republicans to see past pure political calculation, while laying the groundwork to devastate them at the polls for not seeing past it.

    Darrin Rychlak says:

    If this was a court of law instead of the Senate, the trial would be over today and the results would not be complimentary to the president.

    Louise Dumais says:

    Schiff spoke eloquently and fluidly, the other two lawyers for Trump were a joke

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