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  • Cavuto Live 3/16/19 [ 10AM] | Breaking Fox News March 16, 2019

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    • Cyclone Idai: 300 to 400 bodies washed up on Mozambique road, eyewitness says - CNN March 22, 2019
      Cyclone Idai: 300 to 400 bodies washed up on Mozambique road, eyewitness says  CNNCyclone Idai: How the storm tore into southern Africa  BBC NewsDeath toll rises after cyclone drowns Mozambique  ABC NewsDeath Toll Rises From Cyclone Idai As Rescuers Struggle To Reach Those Stranded  NPRMany in need of rescue after southern African cyclone | Al Jazeera English  Al Jazeera EnglishView […]
    • Syria condemns Trump's stance on Golan Heights sovereignty - Aljazeera.com March 22, 2019
      Syria condemns Trump's stance on Golan Heights sovereignty  Aljazeera.comIsraeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Thanks Trump For Golan Heights Recognition | TIME  TIMEGolan Heights, Brexit, N.C.A.A. Basketball: Your Friday Briefing  The New York TimesTrump support of Golan Heights sovereignty and Netanyahu visit continue US special relationship with Israel  Fox NewsIsrael’s Golan Heights  The Wall Street JournalView full coverage on Google News
    • Two US service members killed in Afghanistan - Fox News March 22, 2019
      Two US service members killed in Afghanistan  Fox NewsUS forces say 2 American service members killed in Afghanistan  New York Post 2 US troops killed on a mission in Afghanistan  CNNAfghanistan conflict: Two US soldiers killed on operation  BBC NewsTwo U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan, NATO coalition says  The Washington PostView full coverage on Google News
    • "We knew we'd be blown up one day": China chemical plant blast kills dozens, injures hundreds, triggers small earthquake - CBS News March 22, 2019
      "We knew we'd be blown up one day": China chemical plant blast kills dozens, injures hundreds, triggers small earthquake  CBS NewsChina chemical blast death toll rises to 47  BBC NewsChemical factory blast in China's Jiangsu kills 47  QuartzDozens dead after chemical plant explosion in China  CBS NewsXi Jinping Orders Rescue Effort After Chemical Plant Blast Kills 47  BloombergView full coverage […]
    • Rosenstein letter offers potential road map to special counsel Robert Mueller's probe - ABC News March 22, 2019
      Rosenstein letter offers potential road map to special counsel Robert Mueller's probe  ABC NewsSessions returns to DOJ to receive his Cabinet chair  Washington ExaminerJeff Sessions honored by Justice Department officials past and present, given Cabinet chair  CBS NewsJeff Sessions, mocked then fired by President Trump, returns to Justice for applause and a chair  USA TODAYJeff Sessions returns to Justice […]
    • Kosovo grapples with bloody past 20 years after NATO's first war - NBC News March 22, 2019
      Kosovo grapples with bloody past 20 years after NATO's first war  NBC NewsKosovo is one of the most pro-American places on Earth thanks to a U.S.-led bombing campaign that began 20 years ago Sunday.
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    Cavuto Live 3/16/19 | Breaking Fox News March 16, 2019
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    Jeep Guy says:

    Judge Jeanine’ Preempted on Fox Amid Controversy Over Comments About Rep. Ilhan Omar—-shame on Fox! Let the Judge speak freely!

    jo phoenix says:

    the shooter used the ISIS game plan and (ISIS was backed by BIG $$$ from somewhere along with their trucks and weapons) so I am lead to FALSE FLAG.. the media want it down because it is EXACTLY LIKE ISIS SO WE NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT…THE MORE WHO SEE IT THE MOPRE WILL KNOW THIS IS NOT RAMDOM NUT IT IS WELL PLANED & EXCUTED

    jo phoenix says:

    the democrats don't seem to have a problem supporting and their own wages being held down by 2/3 generations of invaders! The republicans who voted against this have big business who want cheap labor-nothing is done for transparent reasons! Look at the states and the labor markets, and Romeny is just a mean man that is why he is not President he got caught on tape saying he thought Americans were stupid !!!!

    Harry Mills says:

    Another idiot who doesn't understand that corporate taxes come out of the pockets of consumers. They're just another way to stick it to the little guy, while pretending to stick it to big business. They also set the profitability bar much higher, because you have to bring in EXTRA profits, to pay the government out of your earnings. That makes you less willing to take a chance on a new investment. The Euro zone that Democrats seem to worship ALL have MUCH lower corporate and capital-gains taxes, because they understand that to fund their expensive social programs, they need to keep businesses healthy and prosperous.

    These points escape libtards. High taxes are only good for government and big business. Big business can pay whatever tax but a high tax is often enough to keep a small company from breaking into the market. Big business loves big government, endless regulations and high taxes. With those barriers erected against their competition, they stay on top, forever.

    Maria Cicalese says:

    HELLO…Beto's hand movements are disturbing.

    Sandy Seas says:

    Oh, if only POTUS would start on u, Mr Cavuto! Then u would go buh bye. IF ONLY……..

    Nickolas Caldarera says:

    Dude I am a conservative Democrats tell your senators and representatives to come on Fox please don’t send Socialist

    Micheline Burgett says:

    We , Americans love our President Donald J. Trump . He is cool .Hey , young Lady , I am Black and I am team – Trump . Iove him being my Greatest President .

    Micheline Burgett says:

    I really love my President Trump ' s comedy . He is just cool and honest for sure .

    Micheline Burgett says:

    Vote President Donald J. Trump by 2020 .

    Joe Adinolfi says:

    Nancy pelosi nickname is "the crypt keeper"……….from HBO tales from the crypt haha spitting image I swear

    Andrea Bandish says:

    I Love America and respect our President…. All Americans have got to back up America and our President….

    Sam Bradley says:

    Maybe it should be Biden & Beto?

    Jeff Smith says:

    Unemployed: Dirty Dozen 2020

    SPIRIT Led Adventures RV Life says:

    Facebook is CIA

    Hapless Coincidence says:

    This Beto guy has an outstanding future in late night info-mercials

    George Ryerson says:

    HE'S NO FILO !

    Malina Mc says:

    Typical.. watching you highlight the yellow vests for 20min now… funny, here when you cover a group that has their faces covered whos whole reason for being is to protest nazis, you call them terrorists. In France, the nazi's cover their faces, burn the city down and you call them heroes. Im done with cavuto.

    Christina Pankey says:

    Beta is another guy like AOC that a group has taken and will try and put him into a place they can use him. It's a joke but a serious one, they put AOC in office so their model works well it needs to be exposed

    Garry Robertson says:

    1% Jed Bush – a challenge?? something seems a little inconsistent…

    Saba6611 says:

    Never forget the traitors: Lee and Portman, Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Roy Blunt (Mo.), Susan Collins (Maine), Jerry Moran (Kan.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Mitt Romney (Utah), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Patrick J. Toomey (Pa.), Roger Wicker (Miss.) and Rand Paul (Ky.). They all rose to the occasion to show to the American people that they are NeoCons, means Trotskyists.
    Nuclear war with Russia to restore Communism over there is on their mind. Future left-wing presidents WILL exploit to advance radical policies that will erode economic and individual freedoms. Obama signed 12 National Emergencies in total disdain of Congress!

    nowhere dude says:

    The Democratic party is going to spill American blood. All the time spent on this last reform. Just to get a veto.
    Trump 2020

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