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    CNN Reliable Sources 3/17/19 – President Trump Breaking News Today

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    Cornelius Pearl says:

    FOX NEWS=666!

    Lelynn Miller says:

    😲 more irony from the Republicans❗ they aint ok with abortions, but they R ok with mass murder❓ even tho, those ppl being shot down, already had their own lives & friends & families & jobs. they already had their place in this world… a fetus aint even gotta name… 😒

    David Lee says:

    Little Bryan Stelter!

    Sven Danø says:

    E-mail the advertisers, evaluate them everywhere on social media, yelp etc. based on their support of hatred, bigotry and white supremacism. Vote with your voice, your wallet and at the ballot!

    Arturo Rodriguez says:

    CNN reliable sources? Wow, name them pls.

    Jeff Cockrell says:

    I can’t wait for y’all’s bubble to burst !!! Y’all are gonna loose what’s left of y’all’s feeble pathetic minds!!! AND I CANT WAIT !!! WWG1WGA !!!

    Debra Smith says:

    Does that mean that Fox's finances are the key to getting rid of Trump?

    Johnny Bristol says:

    You actually pay this person???????????

    David Anthony says:

    18:10 Hey Virginia, if something happens to your family, live streamed, God forbid, then you might be able to answer that question yourself.

    Global Relief says:

    Expect a nice cosy job for her in the White House….. 😊👍

    Barbara Arndt says:

    Facebook should be regulated. I left FB I am no longer signig up to such a vile organisation.

    albert herrera says:

    fox will next be run by it's TRUE leader PUTIN

    donny hawk says:

    whens this gaybob going

    Why so Serious says:

    Really if media matters you should be more honest

    miguelito lee says:

    Boycott all fox advertisers

    Timothy Kozlowski says:

    It's a talking prick with ear's

    Lucie says:

    Don't need to shut them down, just make them listen to other views without insulting them or hanging up at whim.

    Levi Hawk says:

    Take down Fox.. it's nothing but propaganda ! Take them all down… they add nothing to our world but hate !

    Dan Jensen says:

    Embarrassing for your country, with such a media as fox news. speechless.

    Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki says:

    Freedom of speech… constitutional right…

    Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki says:

    Stop giving legitimacy to this terrorist individuals by talking about their destructive actions on television. You are sending their confirmation to their groups.

    Erincait Rue says:

    keep that loud mouth judge jeanine off all airwaves. Please.

    Jav says:

    It's Superwoman!

    S Al says:

    We Srongly Suggest FOXNEWS to Hire Furer Trump After His Impeachment With Pirro and Show Will Be Called :The Far Right Furer Supremacy

    Ronald Dumb says:

    Pirro, Carlson, Hannity…rats, racists, losers.

    Changing of the guard says:


    Eddie Johnson says:

    Impeach immediately! He paid his aid to start the Clinton email scandal! Ugh! Just disgusting and deplorable!

    loyal Bird says:

    Every conviction she decided over need to be overturned because of her personal prejudices.. Its clear that she should never have been on the bench!

    Joe Blow says:

    Greatest reporting… Said no one ever…

    jonatallman says:

    Can we apply title 31 of the federal code?False omission's and statement's on a public stage!

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