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  • Coronavirus cases exceed 64K globally, death toll nears 1,400 in China

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    • Stock market news live: S&P, Dow hit 2-month lows; yields plunge as coronavirus fears take hold - Yahoo Finance February 25, 2020
      Stock market news live: S&P, Dow hit 2-month lows; yields plunge as coronavirus fears take hold  Yahoo FinanceGlobal stocks plunge as coronavirus fears grow beyond China  CBS NewsThe Dow tumbled more than 1,000 points on Monday and marked its third-worst point drop in history — here’s how the stock market tends to perform after big drops  MarketWatchHere's why […]
    • Tenerife hotel on partial lockdown as Italian man tests positive for coronavirus - CNN February 25, 2020
      Tenerife hotel on partial lockdown as Italian man tests positive for coronavirus  CNNView Full Coverage on Google News
    • Court closes courthouse door on slain Mexican teen's family - AOL February 25, 2020
      Court closes courthouse door on slain Mexican teen's family  AOLSupreme Court says parents can't sue US Border Patrol agent who fatally shot teenage son in Mexico  CNNSupreme Court rules Mexican parents can't sue Border Patrol agent who killed their son  NBC NewsSupreme Court denies Mexican family's damages claim for cross-border shooting  USA TODAYSupreme Court Tosses Lawsuit Against U.S. Border […]
    • Tua Tagovailoa expects medical clearance March 9 - ESPN February 25, 2020
      Tua Tagovailoa expects medical clearance March 9  ESPN2020 NFL combine: Jordan Love the big winner as quarterbacks weigh in and get measured  CBS SportsNFL Draft 2020: Lions smell chance to cash in on Tua Tagovailoa frenzy  New York Post Tua Tagovailoa on the health of his hip: 'It's been a grind'  Detroit Free PressRon Rivera adds top tier talent […]
    • Joe Burrow says he will happily play for the Bengals - WLWT Cincinnati February 25, 2020
      Joe Burrow says he will happily play for the Bengals  WLWT CincinnatiSource - Joe Burrow measured with 9-inch hands at NFL combine  ESPN2020 NFL Draft: Joe Burrow’s hand size is a non-issue  Cincy JungleLSU Football: Why Joe Burrow’s hand size shouldn’t be a concern  Death Valley VoiceLSU QB Joe Burrow will play wherever he's picked in NFL draft  Detroit Free […]
  • The number of coronavirus cases diagnosed in China continued to surge after 5,000 more people were diagnosed with the virus; foreign affairs correspondent Benjamin Hall reports. #FoxNews

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    Sage Merrett says:

    It’s just a game of plague inc guys dw

    Anunnaki Menagerie says:

    What ya gonna do when the kung flu comes for you?

    LeadUR Subconscious says:

    How can they be certain the virus has not evolved on someone and is now a carrier of the virus without symptoms or signs, idiots!

    Michael Perri says:


    Rice N Beans says:

    Hold on…. wait for it….. cnn just blamed trump for the Corona virus… Pelosi says it time to impeach.

    1968CudaGuy says:

    More like 64 million infected and 1,400,000 dead.. China is lying their asses off.

    C says:

    The WHO is currently in a nice relationship with china. Soon the UN will be too. I can't help but see that in the future China will lead other countries as the top nation because Trump decided to pull out of UN initiatives. We are losing our global influences around the world!

    frusfromus says:

    Stop eating weird animals, China!

    foilhat71 says:

    Don't make me change form. Getting fed up my children. If you children cant take care of things then Big Daddy can.

    foilhat71 says:

    Please, I wish the numbers were this low. Tired of the bs lies. If you can't tell the truth then just shut the f up.

    Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo says:

    Eat baby rats and Bats and thats what you’ll get!!! Hint hint DemoRats and their baby eating contest

    John Smithy says:

    Greta was upset about all the CO2 the crematoriums were producing until she realized decreasing the surplus population more than offset that amount.

    Jason M says:

    North Korea will survive any epidemic

    Fred Al says:

    How many people read or know about the famine in the late 50's in China cover up by the Communist there. The famine that killed up to 45 million people remains a taboo subject in China 50 years on. Author Yang …

    D Walte says:

    It’s just frustrating watching secondary contamination!!

    D Walte says:

    They wear a face mask but no gloves an touch germs other people have touched a bag a pen paper I mean come on lots germs no matter I wear a mask that apparently doesn’t work touch stuf then u you take off mask with hands that touch stuff with bare hands an an them take off mask….

    J Smith says:

    If you believe 1400 deaths you believe Epstein killed himself

    In Vino Veritas says:

    Its seems like nothing works.This virus ain't going nowhere !

    Dales Custom FC4 maps says:

    More people die from heart disease! Stop this scaremongering!

    Living Proof says:

    By my calculations, North Koreans will be all dead by Spring time.

    Justin Masters says:

    I'm sorry, WHY are you letting boomers off?

    Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker says:

    more like over 50,000 deaths…it would not be a pandemic at 1700…body bags by the hundreds in crematoriums…stop covering up the truth FOX NEWS !!

    steveninthe says:

    And the main bioweapons lab in China happens to be in Wuhan

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