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    Eric Martinez says:

    That was a really mean interview for Chris Tucker

    Muck006 says:

    You should copy the setup of EFAP … so you can go through videos and memes.

    Christopher Condon says:

    Gamergate 1

    Fuzzy Logik says:

    That was a little low energy, boomer spec fellas.

    Anthony Bailey says:

    Lots of fucking dead air in this one

    A Guy says:

    I'd rather watch meatspin, than read deadspin.

    Rumjack says:

    Dank gives the kids dildos insted of candy

    Make White Babies says:

    @53:00 If the Left deems you a Nazi then that's just what you are in their eyes
    there is no amount of appeasement that will ever work with these nutbags
    So instead of saying sorry and sucking leftie cuck

    Say …I think…that all lefties …Should be gassed

    Twilight.cz says:

    I keep thinking of nutaku when they are talking about kotaku

    Punkster says:

    Bearing, you can play the bagpipes with a guitar and a wa wa peddle. Look up the Scottish band, Big Country, they used to simulate bagpipes that way.

    Good music too.

    skunk12 says:

    6:00 kids arent going to let a light come between them and free Halloween candy.

    Odd Eye says:

    I hate Gazi, but I really don’t like Jesse either. They should duel and die.

    Solid Cold says:

    Cunty Kinte tho…

    WarDogMadness says:

    Dank as solo is freaking great

    ian oloughlin says:

    What is that skinny hysteric black woman ranting about

    Make White Babies says:

    @33:00 the Dutch Goverment is saying the Dog that killed Bagdadi was a Dutch dog
    it's like let it go Dutch Goverment your just being Sad now

    also the fucker died twice each year since 2015
    and also also Epstein didn't kill himself

    S3N7RY says:

    What does Dank's missus say right at the end? "sounds like a"…what?

    Ben says:

    38:00 Jesse is right, you had far far fewer broken homes, and more blacks working.

    nocturis1987 says:

    tell ur haters to stfu raid shadow legends is a lot of fun

    Lizzie Mackie says:

    I don’t get notifications anymore even though I have bell notifications.

    Ra Ra Raspoontang says:

    Honestly that guy giving shit to Jesse Peterson makes me want to vote for Hitler

    Ra Ra Raspoontang says:

    Thanks, great show guys

    LaughingMan says:

    Oh god
    They're reproducing

    daniel leonard says:

    Bearing is right about the self rating, they're still rating you now, if your rating agrees with theirs they'll be able to watch you less in the future

    the Chuckwagon says:

    Pretty sure Gazi Kodzo of Ruby Rod's great grandfather.

    Fralorgrafon says:

    Any time i come across a "Please Turn off Adblock" i hide the element that thing is a part of.

    zo1dberg says:

    Did you guys delete and reupload to edit out something too edgy?

    blam gam says:

    Is that black guy on hormones cuz I've never heard a voice more effeminate in my life, even for gay men

    555 says:

    Who has the time to listen to this waffle?

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