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  • Did Overwatch 2 ACTUALLY Copy TF2 Mann vs Machine?!

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  • Since Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 with both a cinematic trailer and a gameplay trailer, people in the tf2 community have been drawing comparisons between team fortress 2’s mann vs machine mode and the new concept of overwatch 2. So I took a look at Delfy’s comparison video where he claimed Overwatch 2 copied TF2 and I talk about the comparisons and if I think Blizzard ACTUALLY copied Valve. Leave a like and leave your thoughts down below!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNsUdt3HR8o – Delfy’s video of comparisons
    https://soundcloud.com/painsplit/dothedash-ft-prescription-prod-sammysomething – Outro song
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    Overwatch 2 copied "Mann vs Machine" from TF2? [ Comparison ]

    TF2 WTF Moments: The SPY Karma - https://youtu.be/YuOw1yZ0DNI
    Halloween exploits Ep.2 - https://youtu.be/MJjghmKaHjY
    My TF2 server IP -

    Overwatch 2... or MVMwatch 2...? Interesting.
    TF2 vs Overwarch, again.

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    Kevin MacLeod - Exit the Premises;

    Special thanks to:
    Ninja Cookie for awesome outro 🙂

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    Tanglingbat06 says:

    Even tho Overwatch 2 didn't really copy TF2's MVM gamemode we can all agree that Overwatch 2 is just a cash grab with content that could of just been simply added in Overwatch 1 but it's literally the same exact game just with 4 new maps and new heroes plus a survival mode and a 1 new gamemode and that's it

    Doruk Can Sezer says:

    Blizerd is banned from valve

    Erik Zhang says:

    i want to fucking die my worst nightmare came true someone shoot me gabe sue them thanks

    NOCDEATH Nah says:

    If they dare adding random cries to overwatch imma just slap my ess

    Nope Studios says:

    I also upload tf2 content

    Crimson Lancer says:

    6:01 The two scenes fit in together almost perfectly

    PrimeInk9734 says:

    The answer:


    starcomet says:

    Instead of just adding in the new things as an update for Overwatch they just created another game, the fuck?

    -حمودي79 HamoDe79 says:

    Its didnt copy it ite changeing gamrplsy

    UpbeatSpade 529 says:


    Calvin Holton says:

    Get the team back together
    Giant robots invade
    O shit we're getting rolled
    Magical super shield saves them
    Everyone looks badass
    Now, did I just describe the overwatch or tf2 robots fighting mode introduction? Because I'm not entirely sure either.

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