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  • Disney Plus Review! (RIP Netflix)

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    • White House won't participate in next impeachment hearing - CBS This Morning December 7, 2019
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    seriousmonkey bizniss says:

    Watching my 2 year old daughters eyes light up and hearing her say "wowww! Cool!" At little mermaid, one of the first movies I remember watching that is very nostalgic for me, was something really magical. I'm really excited we got this.

    Gregg Hileman says:

    not interested in this at all for everyone who has and knows about Kodi almost all this stuff was already available

    also some of the movies they show to be available like the new marry Poppins movie when you click on it won't be available for like another year or two to watch

    also I love having the best quality possible on my 4k tv and when streaming something there was no way to know what you were streaming at yes the 4k content looked good but they did not tell you what quality your internet was giving you which frustrated me

    lastly I was not a fan of how they put the movies and shows a to z depending on the name a movie in a series may not be with the rest bc it started with the or something like that

    but as far as price goes it's a good value and they are not overcharging by any means and the selection is good if you have never been exposed to Kodi before or don't want to go that route

    Charley Baskett says:

    Would you be grandfathered in if you get it at $7.99 or would you be subject to price change in the future??

    Prime Time Gaming says:

    Disney+ is great BUT its not going to kill Netflix. Thrillers, Horror series/movies, Drama Series, Stand Up Comedy, Action series/movies, and Original Content. There is a place for Netflix and for Disney because they have different content.

    Ninten70 says:

    I'm getting Disney plus right now

    AWF1000 says:

    You know what's funny? Netflix increased their price for no reason near the Disney plus launch . It's almost not worth it anymore with the trash they show atm.


    Yeah, I own it too. Comes with a bundle with Hulu, ESPN, and Disney plus for $13 plus tax. I was already paying $12 for Hulu with no commercials, so I signed up for all, and saved a lot.

    Twisted Dark Joey 2004 says:

    Spoiler iron man dies at the end of endgame

    Twisted Dark Joey 2004 says:

    Did you watch toy story 4 and endgame

    MrbinklesGamer says:

    @vanburen20 did you see the incredibles

    MrbinklesGamer says:

    @vanburen20 did you see toy story 4 on your Disney plus

    Sonicice 24 says:

    Disny+ will probubly kill Netflix over the next 10 years.

    Clay Martin says:

    In an change of topic did you heard about CM Punk return on WWE Backstage

    POB TV says:

    Might get it

    Mitch D says:

    So when a new Disney movie is made will it be on Disney plus right away or do you have to wait months first? I am hoping it’s right away so I don’t have to pay to go to the movie theaters. That would make even better.

    Lupe Rodriguez says:

    Is it on xbox also

    demonofdeath19 says:

    As of 24 hours when it was reported they had 10 million subscribers, don't know what the number is now that its been 2 days but bare minimum at the end of the free trial week they are making 70 million easily more, for reasons I mentioned earlier. They are selling nostalgia. no one can beat that. The price is a steal they can afford to take a minor hit short term, cuz I see them easily making a ton of money long term. Knowing that they are putting 20 million dollars per episode for that star wars show is insane. That mouse has a ton of money to spare. When I heard this was announced I said I wasn't going to get it, but man was that man naive haha. I even preordered it haha.
    Two little issues though, it isn't like netflix where it keeps track of the episodes you are watching, and second thing when you click on something to check the description, you cannot go back like netflix and continue on with your search you go back to the home page. Minor things I'm sure they can fix once they know for sure the servers can handle millions of people signing up.

    Mitch D says:

    Who else is getting it to watch Mandalorian?

    King Gamer says:

    What would Disney buy next 🤔 I got Disney plus yesterday

    NoScopeDued99 says:

    My Mom purchased it 2 days before you uploaded it and I love the app but I can't find a "continue watching" section which sucks cause you gotta keep track all the time!

    MovieWorld Comics says:

    The streaming service wars have begun!

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