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  • DIY Halloween Costumes For You AND Your Dog!

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  • Today I made 2 halloween costumes with my dog, Link! We transformed into Shaggy and Scooby, as well as James Bond and his infamous martini, shaken not stirred 🙂 I made sure to DIY these costumes with things you most likely have around your house because I personally dislike buying things that i can’t use again.
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    Instagram / Twitter / Snapchat – @kristenmcatee
    All business inquiries – victoriadaniel@twopillarmanagement.com
    Intro/Outro by – kootdesigns.com



    Tye Noe says:

    Love you sis❤️

    Santina Lopez says:

    Consult with an animal behaviorist, they may be able to help you without medicating her. She probably just has trauma from that time she ran away after that car accident with Scott's assistant

    Carolina Ramirez says:

    my dog gets really bad anxiety when it rains hard, do y’all think the cbd oil would help with that ?

    Paulina By says:

    Girl your body 🙈😭

    Alexa Zubia says:

    uhm…why are there no comments hyping up her abs abs abs ABBBBSSSS queen 👑

    Yippee YIPPER says:


    Georgia Emsley says:

    Awe she’s so adorable

    leslee e says:

    Was very excited to walk my dog in his hotdog costume but I’m sick and it’s snowing in Chicago rn☹️

    TIA1234 says:

    This deserves more views!!

    Yuridia Amac says:

    I came here because I saw lark 😂😍💕 love her!

    Danae Martens says:

    You should do another words in a jar/cooking roulette. Those were so good!

    Natalie Welch says:

    My beagle gets anxious in the car and I’ve had success with both benedryl and CBD treats!

    Jenna Ann says:


    Sam D says:

    Hey Kristen! Have you tried the Happy Traveler pills for Link? I mean obvs check with your vet, but we've used that on some of our rescued dogs going from TX to MI and it helped SO much. I believe you can find them for sale online. Definitely recommend that you check it out to help with the car anxiety (not sure if it'll help with vomiting though).

    lily is leaving says:

    wait….. kwisten has her belly button pierced????

    Lolah Soto says:

    She stopped to think if she should paint a bow tie on the shirt😂

    jennifer jimenez says:

    dang girl that shaggy costume made your abs look great

    Brook Laabs says:

    This is such a minimal effort of a video, super disappointing

    FOXEZ98 2.o says:

    I love your dog❤❤

    Trines Nails says:

    You should try a thunder shirt! It helps with anxiety so much, it create a comfort for them

    Reanna Tyska says:

    Costume idea
    Ghost busters hoodie
    Sweat pants (preferably black)
    Messy bun
    Black smudges on face
    Tall sock
    Drink can/ plastic water bottle

    Angelica Sam says:

    Deez ideaz r so cute 😭

    KayPlayz 17 says:

    Our dogs should soooooo meet

    Trap House Getting Lit says:

    Whoever you are disliking this. How could you?!?! U can’t just dislike a vid with Link like that

    Danielle Vicks says:

    My dog is going to be an Area 51 raid person, and I am going to be an alien

    E Molloy says:

    Omg link uses weed, she really is scooby doo

    DaniB143 says:

    This video is adorable. I wish you would have gone the extra mile and attempted to complete your costume ideas come to life. I LOVE YOUR STYLE Inspos BYW
    You look great, and Link is adorable! I love the video concept and seeing you in your creative mode :). Props to you for holding it down, while your man is on the road

    sara wahab says:

    Kristen debating if she should paint the bowtie in her head 😂😂

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