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  • Engel: Strike On Soleimani Unites Iran After Years Of Internal Division | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  • Reporting from Iraq, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel says the Iranian public has united in response to the U.S. attack on General Qassem Soleimani.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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    Engel: Strike On Soleimani Unites Iran After Years Of Internal Division | Meet The Press | NBC News


    Iffy Edem says:

    Did America just unite Iran? Whaaaaaaaa

    TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate says:

    Don’t let the devil turn you into devils if your good then goodness must surely follow

    Charles Charlemagne says:

    more lies from the leftist propaganda mill that is NBC. There are millions of people in Iran who still hate their government.

    pipercat10 says:

    The Dem's would have watched them burn down the U.S.Embassy then paid them when they were done !

    Crusader for Jesus Christ says:

    The beginning of the end of the United States of America. This was forecasted over 2000 years ago. No surprise. The Illumination have forecasted it too with the word "recession" in their "secret" cover.

    Inland empire California says:

    Trump is destroying America….I love it!!!!

    MarkR. Katzman says:

    They can roll back all they like..the "deal" was so flawed anyway and the media just covered it up! Trump took out a real bad player in the MEast and the World. Europe didn't have the guts to act, and besides, their muslim populations would've gone nuts – Europe is in total dread of their "new immigrants" (so much for no borders). But with Trump's act, Iran should be very worried. He's shown on several occasions that he's not afraid to act when necessary. And the Grand Ayatollah Khameni, ought not to have said that America would never do anything, that they were cowards – oooops, big mistake. Soleimani will be very hard to replace – he was cunning, capable, political, and savvy militarily ..and he understood asymmetrical warfare. But he, like many before him including Adm. Yamamoto, underestimated the U.S…..so did Adolf as he impetuously declared war on America in '41. If the Iranians break the treaty and push to enrich uranium, and Trump feels that this is a significant threat, he'll do what's necessary, and Iranian aspirations toward becoming a member of the nuclear club will vanish in smoke.

    This is MAGA Country says:

    Shiites unite under their shia sect of Islam.
    Not rocket science.

    Amen Knowtech says:

    Why do pro trump promoters just say things and expect people to just believe it without them providing proof? Trump is a habitual liar so they need to realize whatever they say will be taken with skepticism.

    Henry Savoy says:

    Mean while in North Korea…Kim is looking up in the sky…I think the American are watching me….

    SlaM Ù says:

    It’s funny how US is trying soooo hard to divide shia sunni even more

    Christopher Contreras says:

    Let’s face it. We’re a gonna take over the world

    Sam says:

    You people got one thing wrong Iran ain’t united the regimes supporters are always going to support the regime no matter what and well let’s not forget that Iran is a country of 80million and most of em don’t like the regime

    Elemental Entity says:

    After 100's of there civilians were killed in protests 2 weeks ago because of this guy who was wiped out and they unite, over Death himself? Idiots!?

    Fawk Yu says:

    "The US doesn't fight with proxies"
    Taliban: Hello Sammy my old friend…

    No Power says:

    Let nuke Iran

    Demetrius Zdekar says:

    Why doubt what Trump says?

    "Would Trump lie?"

    What could happen to such a successful, honest, hard working, sober, respectable father figure, such as Trump. The man is a Saint. I would not be surprised if he was not who "stood on the Rock and parted the Red Sea", I mean, he is liken unto an Angel, sent here from God above.. He is God's Gift to humanity…….

    The entire World should praise him, He was sent here by God, to lead the World forward, to save it from sinners, killers, criminals, and all those 'wolves, who would devour the sheep'…….. Praise him..

    TRUMP CANNOT LIE, He is the truth… The Only Truth,.. He is the only way forward!

    Bung Hole says:

    Nice work Donald……fuckwit!

    Jonathan Albright says:

    NBC has it totally wrong. These are not the same folks that were protesting against the government.

    LIBERTY DUDE says:

    Please Iran don't Target our beloved media or hollywood. We'd be lost without them.👌

    nadia c says:

    This news item and analysis of what people in Iran think is flawed. Just nonsense and premature conclusions.

    thegrandfinale2 says:

    Blah blah blah. We knocked off their terror monger. Served him right.

    Nicholad DeLionCourt says:

    Putting aside my opinion of how right or wrong the killing of Soleimani was, this bit of news reporting sucks.

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