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  • Episode 299: The Night The Lights Went Out (for Deadspin)

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  • Arif and James here to break down the Chiefs matchup with fellow Athletic writer Seth Keysor. We also go into the mailbag to talk about underrated horror movies, contract restructuring with Kirk Cousins, and defensive strategy for the corners.

    James proceeds to make a hilarious mistake regarding Nic Cage and we also go over our favorite Deadspin pieces over the years. Lennay Kekua lives!!!

    ALSO we will be in Seattle on November 29th at Petoskeys bar for a Norse Code live taping! If you’re in the Seattle area please come out and get into an argument with Arif in person! For more on Petoskeys you can visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/petoskeys/ And finally we are giving out swag to our newest donors! If you donate $3.50 or more to the show via Patreon you will receive some Vikings swag! To enter you can donate to the show at http://patreon.com/norsecode

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    James – @bigmono

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    David C says:

    This guy sounds like an extra from Fargo.

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