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  • Eric Trump: Ask Obama, Biden why Hunter Biden was making a fortune in Ukraine

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  • President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, looks ahead to the Senate impeachment trial and what he wants to see.

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    Crimadella Phone says:

    Well, let's see amnesia Martha, Giuliani dug up evidence on a lot of democrats, it's you and leftwing media that is putting all the focus on Biden when the reality is…Mitt Romney, Pelosi, Adam Schiff, two of Adam Schiff's staff members, three impeachment witnesses (Yovanovitch, Taylor and George Kent) are ALL involved in Ukraine with Burisma, hell, there is even an x-FBI official on the board of Burisma. Giuliani, a ptosecutor, a lawyer, has collected a lot of evidence and 12 witnesses willing to testify about the huge money laundering and theft taking place in Ukraine by corrupt Ukrainians and Americans, funneling Ukrainian taxpayer money, including the foreign aide we send, through multiple companies, winding up at Burisma, getting divided between the board members and sending money to America to a big Democrat office. Strange how even you, fail to mention anything about any of that and claim that the focus is only on Biden, I guess that helps push the false narrative that you and leftwing media are trying to push.

    w oke says:

    Corrupt democrats everywhere

    Mark Evans says:

    We all set back and watched the dog and pony show that the democrats showed us now the real show is about to start starting with the shif shlt the whistle blower and on down the line but it's not going to last long I have front roll seats can't wait

    joseph wagner says:

    The idea the House could NOT get information is a lie. They were suppose to go to court to get it, The house is covering up there no crime impeachment hoax.

    Gabi Ramos says:

    All Hunter Bidden knows is sniff powder and make babies.

    S Ball says:

    Alot of bs about Hunter Biden profiting off his father's position FROM A GUY PROFITING OFF HIS FATHER'S POSITION!

    George Klinger says:

    Eric, why did you shoot the last triceratops in Africa? Why?

    David Patrick says:

    This host is a leftist plant … she works for Russia … 🙂

    Robertodette says:

    I'd love to see the bidens testify. You trumptards will be crying when the truth finally comes out.

    bosco008 says:

    Can we ask Ivanka how she got all those patents from China? Or why she and Jared are in the Oval Office.

    nemakjack says:

    Dem's keep talking about the 1%, what about all the corruption that has Bernie, Warren, Clintons, Hunter and his Dad, all joined the 1% without actually working. Where is the punishment for oath breakers. If there is no punishment for breaking the oath to upheld the Constitution then stop taking it. Why do they take oath of office????

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